Cat pictures: the domestic cat’s desire to touch us skin-to-skin

There is no doubt that our cats like to touch us, to be in direct contact with us, skin-to-skin. I think the skin-to-skin aspect of the touch is important. The domestic cat likes to feel the direct contact and the warmth from us coming through our skin. It is a sign of their affection for us and a comfort to them. It is competely normal and exactly as humans behave too. We are both mammals and have a lot of similarities.

In the first photo, I am in bed and it is about 4 am in the morning. My cat has been out all night and he feels in need of a bit of comfort. I tap on my chest to signal that he can rest there. He responds and places his paws on my face: that immportant physical contact that cats love. Often my cat will stretch out his paw to touch my hand when I am in bed.

A domestic cat's desire to touch
A domestic cat’s desire to touch their significant other.
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The second photo is on The woman had been away for a short trip:

“I left this guy for a short, two day trip. First morning back and I’m feeling the love. I think I was missed…”

Domestic cats desire to touch us for comfort, friendship and to give affection
Domestic cats desire to touch us for comfort, friendship and to give affection

When cats are friends with each other in multicat homes they will rest in contact with each other sometimes. A sign of friendship. It is obvious. It is like us. We should all respect this gentleness in their character.

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