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  1. I’ve seen this sort of thing on my cats. It looks like the leftovers of a tick bite to be honest but being in London where there is no nature or wildlife I am tempted to think it therefore can’t be a tick bite. It’s probably feels like a hard lump. Red got ticks often enough and after they were gone he had something that looked exactly like that.

    • It could have been a big fly, we call them Cleggs in the North East, they can give a person or an animal a nasty bite which comes up in a lump.

      • Thanks Ruth. That is a clever thought because it is the season when insects are coming out and being a nuisance. I have rechecked the wound today and it seems to look “quieter” and less red. I’ll post a fresh photo as an update. I want to thank people for advising. It is very reassuring to know that intelligent sensible, cat lovers are helping. It really is.

    • It does or did feel like a hard lump as well as being red and bloody. I hope he has cured himself. I’ll be posting an updating photo. Thanks so much for helping. I was saying to Ruth (Kattaddorra), it is very reassuring to me to receive concerned and good advice.

      • It’s always difficult when you can’t actually feel the spot, to know exactly what it is, so if it’s anything really worryingly serious it’s best to go straight off to the vets, but as it’s not bothering Charlie it could clear up itself without going through that trauma…for you and for him.
        Walter had to go last week as we felt a lump under his chest, when we had a close look we could see a tooth mark in it and knew it was an abscess coming, he did chase a strange cat out of our garden a few days before. Then Jozef came in with a scratch on his nose so back we went as we wanted his sensitive tummy checked too. Both were fine and better next day but our bank account was feeling the pain lol

  2. It looks like an insect bite or sting to me and as they are very itchy Charlie has probably scratched at it without you noticing when it first happened and made it bleed.
    I’d bathe it and have a close eye on it and if it’s still lumpy and not healing then off to the vets you go as he will probably need some antibiotics/cortisone.
    Good luck Charlie.

    • Ruth, do you agree? Put a dab of baking soda on it (obviously–you know this, Mihael–wet your finger first, before dipping it into the baking Na2Co3. Then, wait twenty-four hrs. If Charlie is still itching it, then give him a bit cortisone cream. Put some Polysporin on it afterwards. make sure the date is still effective.

    • Thank you Ruth. You may have the answer. I’ll bathe it and watch it for a day or two and report back. If it is still there I’ll take him to the vet.

      • Good on you Michael, gently bathe it clean, but there’s no point putting anything on the spot as Charlie will just lick or paw it off and licking at it could aggravate it.

  3. Michael, ask Charlie to show us his right cheek and chin. ? I would like you to answer your own question, instead of posing it…? 😉

  4. Maybe, since you said there was a slight bump, it is a bee sting? It certainly has no markings, as far as I can tell. No stinger. His whisker was pulled out, most likely. infected follicle.

  5. This leads me, inspired, to ask you All (i am shy), Do You Worry that You’re Feline is not well-enough protected from the Great Outdoors?

  6. Michael, I don’t know; it might be from a plant or animal sp. that hurt him? so he scratched or bit and removed the source? I’ don’t know. It is making me itchy just thinking about this.

    • Yes, Ruth makes that point (insect bite). My current belief is that it will self-heal. However, I am watching and I will bathe it. As to the great outdoors, it is a bit dangerous. Fortunately he only goes short distances outside – about a max of 50 feet in the garden and usually less. There is argument that says I should litter train him as he only goes out to go to the toilet. I know where he is and when he goes out because I let him out and receive him back in.

  7. I am pretty sure it’s not feline acne, but it is most certainly some sort of sore. It could be from the lack of or too much of one thing or another. It might be from a scratch or cut, but probably not. I have a feeling that if it isn’t an inratatated pimple it is a reaction to something or the other. Differently not a worm or tick I’d think.

      • Watch it closely…It could be a spider bite. Do you have poisonous spiders in your area?…There is also a species of fly that lays it’s egg under the skin of it’s host…Here in the USA, we have a common pest called a chigger, and it lays an egg under the host’s skin…I would go to the vet just to be sure it’s not a burrowing parasite or potentially dangerous spider bite…Or, God forbid, the beginning of a cancer.

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