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Cat plays the guitar with his mouth. Why? — 5 Comments

  1. I think it’s obvious. Some cats really like music. Of my cats, two in particular would come to me when I played guitar, and both would play with the strings when they had a chance, usually with their teeth, sometimes with their paws. I swear my last cat had a favorite song, one with a lot of high-pitched slides – probably sounded like cat meows to her (Tarrega’s “Marie (Gavotte)”.

  2. Our Calico sees my husband play his guitars (all the time) and then we saw her try it. The guitars are all lined up on a big stand/rack with metal strings. She’s young so, she doesn’t have gum disease.

    There’s also a lone guitar on a stand in the bedroom and she will come in there in the morning and pluck it with her teeth trying to get my husbands attention. She knows he loves his guitars, so, I think it’s her way of showing an affinity with them to make him happy. He feeds our 2 cats, and they follow him everywhere.

    He will play songs on his guitar for a long time and when he stops, our cat uses her voice like a whine to object when he stops.

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