Cat Population Control

In the video below and in the words of this short article I discuss one aspect of cat population control that is never mentioned.

Untitled from Michael Broad on Vimeo.

I am talking about the domestic cat primarily. Yes, feral cats are killed at cat shelters but so are very many domestic cats.

The reason must be that supply – the creation of new living cats – is greater than the demand – homes for cats.

The reason for this imbalance is not clear. One reason is irresponsible ownership of the domestic cat by a sector of society. They don’t neuter their cats and let them wander etc.

Another reason is that shelters don’t do enough to rehome cats in their charge.

One factor in relation to cat population control that is never or hardly ever discussed is what I discuss in the video – the existence of a conflict of interest.

I may have it completely wrong. If that is the case, good. I will be pleased.

But I do know that a dead cat is a resource. All dead animals are a resource to the pet food industry. If they use diseased livestock and roadkill to supply pet food then it is highly likely that the shelters supply the pet food industry through third parties with dead cats and dogs.

If that exists and it is hard to find hard evidence, then a conflict of interest exists that perpetuates the killing of cats and with that method in place we perpetuate the oversupply problem too as we have created an outlet for the overpopulation.

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