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Cat poster as an antidote to claimed racist remark

NEWS/OPINION – MANCHESTER, UK: A picture of a cat on a poster tells us that a lot of people see domestic cats as the antithesis of bad things.

Pictures of cats still make us smile and feel better. They have done so for at least the last 15 years on the internet which is why an anonymous person has stuck up posters of a picture of a cat to cover allegedly racist posters linked to the Extinction Rebellion campaign.

Cat poster covers an unwanted one. Photo:

It is claimed that some racists who are strongly against immigration into the UK have highjacked the Extinction Rebellion campaign to promote their cause. We can’t see their poster but this person has taken the time and trouble to cover up their work and I like the fact that they have used the cat as an antidote to alleged racism. That’s cool.

I have discovered on that it covers a fake Extinction Rebellion poster which says ‘end mass immigration’. Is that racist? It is claimed to be. That’s another issue which I will sidestep on this occasion.

The choice of a cat to illustrate the words of the poster says a lot about the beneficial presence of the domestic cat in the lives of people. It is a reflection of the calming effect of domestic cats. This is a known quality.

The photograph was originally uploaded to where it got 1,400 comments. It has touched a nerve. One commenter referred to it as ‘Finally, some good f***k**g vandalism’.

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