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  1. Though truthfully Prozac not a good choice as when I was taking it gave me horrible side affect of Anxiety. Which is why I went on something else. But i agree not on any animals. I believe there is some nautral things which could possibly help if the cat is that bad. I do believe with aggresive behaviour to work out why that cat is acting that way.

  2. Prozac is normally prescriped for people with Depression/anxiety issues. I used to take it in the Past. I dont think it should be for Cats. Or for agression. With someone that lives daily with Depression/anxiety etc. Those Pills help live a normal exsistence. Cause without them Id be horrible to be around.Actually you prob wouldn’t even see me around at all. I dont think its a good idea in Cats. Unless they really show majar signs of say being really sad. Must be some other ways they could do some behaviour training. Or somthing.

    • Well said Kylee. Prozac can help some people to live more productive and better lives but for cats: no. I don’t see the drug helping. Also not even vets really know how cats feel when given these mood enhancing drugs. Cats can’t tell us. It seems to be a dangerous idea to me.

  3. Very interested article Michael
    thank for sharing with us <3

    Actually drugs may in one hand affect everyone of us and it does.

    similar with cats or other creatures of Allah Subhanahu. But as far as cats or kittens are concerned, they are really sensitive. I have an observation that an anxious/ depressed kitten even in a full litter, will be a STAY AWAY kitten, but with special techniques, she can become the most friendly one.

    All these efforts takes time and special patience/ skills.

    I am against using drugs in human beings/ animals until it is necessary to save anyone's life otherwise better to understand the natural immunity powers in one self or try to be natural (means live close to nature instead of artificial life).

    Side effects often make me afraid. Anti histamine or those drugs with much sleeping tendencies are the worst both for us and animals. I will stay away at least. I am pollen allergy patient in March-April and October-November. I know how badly these meds effect me after recovery. 🙁

    • You are so right Ahsan, time and patience are what is needed to help cats with problems, not drugs to mask the cause of their trouble.
      You really need to write a book with all your special knowledge, you are a very wise man and many people could learn a lot from you.

      • Thank you Ruth, but I need to understand a lots of more and I am still under way a bit research about their (cat’s) psychology. There is a huge variety and I am deeply involved.

        Writing a book is upto you, as you have much better understanding and experiences than I have. I am only dealing with Feral Cats but you are with bot domestic ans strays/ feral.

        Thank you for the comments <3 <3 <3

        • Thank you Ahsan but some people would not like any book I wrote because I am always on the side of cats and I speak the truth which many people don’t like to hear.

          • Well Ruth! if truth is bothering you then Congrats, we stand together on one side. Because It is better to speak the truth than to tell 1000 lies.

            Truth has a shine and fragrance of 1000 flowers while lie has a deep darkness and BAD SMELL in itself.

            I love truth <3

            • Well said Ahsan. We like what you write. I am a great fan of the truth. There are far too deceptions and lies in the world. It ruins the world. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone spoke the truth all the time?

              • Michael says: “Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone spoke the truth all the time?”

                SIMPLE <3 <3 <3 Paradise on earth 🙂

                And a garden for my innocent CATS <3

                • Yes, a thousand times yes. The world would be in shock and then it would be a billion times better. The world is built on deceits. It is the nature of humans. People who tell the truth are often unwelcome.

    • Alsan I myself Suffere greatly From a Mix of Epielpsy/Depression/Anxiety and other related Probs. If i had my Choice If I could I wouldnt take anything. But for me to have a Qualtiy of life and Live a Normal Exsistance and be alive fully I have to take These Meds. I have done for Since 1997. I agree they shouldnt be given to Animals. There are some Herbal things that Possibly COuld helP like nautral Probducts. This article has just made me feell so angry.

      • May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala give you a long healthy happy life with your family, ameen.

        I can understand the usage of meds in bad timings. Health issues like yours or mine need such meds and there is no other choice to save our lives. This is the destiny which we are forced to live with 🙁

        Live long my friend <3 <3 <3

  4. no need to get crazy. i am a rescuer. i have several aggressive cats and ferals who are not on any meds. this is the most extreme case i have ever witnessed. and while i try to avoid meds for both myself and my cats, they are a critical tool when necessary.

  5. Yeah, sure, I’ll open Prozac capsules and sprinkle the contents on my feral colony cats’ food. That should make them docile, approachable, and I would just bring them home and pet them all day.

    Drugs are never the answer for animals or humans. If I thought that I had to drug my domesticated cat in order to deal with him/her, I should give them up to someone who had better skills. Behavioral issues aren’t a challenge. They are a given with any cat. LIGHT ON! No cat is perfect. Live with it.

  6. the reason it is prescribed for aggressive cats is that the aggression sometimes has an obsessive compulsive component. my cat fits into this category. however, my vet did warn me that there is a small percentage of cats that react even more violently when on fluoxetine. my cat also fit into this category and was taken off of it soon after starting. living with an extremely violent cat is very difficult. no pheromone spray or behavior modification techniques will work in cases like these. and unfortunately, with my cat, the aggression is directed at both animals and humans. it has been very challenging.

    • Please explain what extremely violent is. Does your cat go for your throat to severe your corotid artery? Does he attack you and leave you bloody for no reason? Does he climb the draperies, bannish the blinds to the floor, race around like a maniac, or bite strangers?
      If not, you have a normal cat.

      • I totally agree with you Dee, no cat should be dosed with drugs to make them ‘behave’ There is always a reason if a cat is aggressive and it’s the fault of the caretaker or a previous caretaker, not the cat.
        Drugs like Prozac are lethal, the side effects horrific, we have no right to force them onto cats.
        A cat can’t tell us if the drug makes him feel weird, have a headache, feel sick or dizzy.
        Quick fixes never work, the underlying problem remains and the drugged cat remains unhappy and frustrated, their outlet by aggression numbed.

        • We know that as people in the West become more obese so do their cats and this trend carries over to drugs. As we take more antidepressants we are more inclined to give our cats antidepressants too but without knowing how the cat feels and without really analysing the cause of the “behavioural problem”. Doctors have become too eager to dispense mood enhancing drugs to people and vets seem to be following with respect to cats and dogs especially in the USA. It is wrong. No doubt about it.

          • I dont agree with that comment Michael. Just cause someone takes antidepressants. THere is a reason people do. Usually if someone is on Antidepressants is cause THEY NEED THEM. If i didnt take mine. I would be constantly sad, i wouldnt go out of the house at all. Wouldnt be able to even come on here as id be constantly depressed. I dont agree that we as people taking antidepressants we would give them to Cats as ANimals are different to Humans. It all depends on what is going wrong with the Animal.

            • Kylee, people and cats are different.
              We can’t assign human psychiatric issues to a cat. Until a legitimate cat psychiatrist comes into play, my feeling is that “owners” are medicating their cats for THEIR nerves and not the cat’s.

              • Well thats your Opinion but its not true for me. I would never give Cats anti-depressants. I certainly wouldnt do it just cause a vet told me too. It annoys me greatly when people are so jUdgemental towards someone that is on AntiDepressants.

              • Kylee, I’m in total agreement with you that cats are not in need of human psychotropic medications. Maybe I wasn’t clear.
                I have no problem with people using them. They have proven to be miraculous in humans. As a matter of fact, I wish more people I know would partake.

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