Cat pulls face when told to shut up

Cat pulls a face when told to shut up
Photo: screenshot from video: @breannenikolle/Twitter)
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The reaction on this cat’s face indicates that he understands the words ‘shut up’. His name is Simba and his expression is of shock. It’s saying ‘how dare you talk to me like that!’ We’d like it a lot if that is what was happening. However, I don’t think it is. Breanne Burleson, who is the person speaking to Simba, admits she got lucky on this occasion as Simba normally talks more after being told to keep quiet.

So why the face? There’s no fancy reason in my opinion. Simba simply stopped meowing for a short time and in doing so left his mouth open. Note: Breanne’s video is edited to stop just before Simba meows again. That’s my guess.

Simba is a rescue cat. He was being treated at Breanne’s mother’s veterinary clinic and then adopted we are told by the Shropshire Sun.

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5 thoughts on “Cat pulls face when told to shut up”

  1. She just sounds plain mean and abusive to this poor cat. Like she is making fun of him after telling him to shut up. Do you think he doesn’t feel that? She should not have an animal to beat up on. I have a few choice things to tell her to do but I will refrain.


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