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Cat put in washing machine as punishment for inappropriate elimination (video) — 7 Comments

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  2. This is absolutely horrible !! I couldn’t even finish wtching this video, my heart is broken for this precious cat.
    I’m going to ray about this. I wish God would stop this kind of thing from happening.
    It’s awful!!!!!!

  3. I can only wish that someone will beat these cruel, horrible, and ignorant people, call authorities, and get this poor cat rehomed somewhere safe.
    The idiots who make these videos need to realize that, even insane people, are on social media. They put their lives in jeopardy when they video these things.

    • Dee, I would love to see that happen to those idiots, but they are so brain dead they probably wouldn’t learn from it.

      I had to quickly scroll down because I couldn’t watch this. If the cat wouldn’t use the litter box then there was either something medically wrong with the poor animal, or there was something (the location, dirty litter, whatever) it didn’t like. That falls on the humans.

      Just one more reason I HATE Facebook and social media.

  4. That poor cat will NEVER associate being drowned in a washing machine with inappropriate elimination. Some people are too stupid to be allowed to own pets. I bet they will have a very hard time getting the cat to socialize with them now. Poor kitty. 🙁

  5. Social media gives animal abusers and other criminals instant publicity and recognition. I really wish that Facebook wouldn’t allow this.

    I couldn’t watch this video. Just seeing the still was enough. This cat has been severely traumatized, and will probably end up dead at the hands of these people.

    • Yes, FB is good and bad but it is increasingly becoming a window for crazies to show off their craziness. It can damage people. The cat should be rehomed. No chance this will happen.

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