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  1. It all sounds like total twoddle to me, sorry. I think a cat freaking out is exactly that: a cat freaking out, naturally, instinctively, and rage suggests anger which I don’t believe is the case. It’s a fear reaction people are seeing, or an aggressive action in a fight situation – even in the aggressive sense its not rage. Road rage is rage. That cat would just as soon run away than claw you – it’s just that he can’t can he – so he is forced into aggression as a defensive procedure. In that sense cat fights being natural phenomena would sort of mean that all aggression in cats is actually an instinctive and defensive action. In order to defend itself it must be aggressive – its a survival thing. Rage more means anger having been pushed to some kind of limit or extreme – it’s an entirely human word.

    Sorry for being so anti – I just think it really is twoddle.

    Also it pisses me off that video – I have seen it before and I think the title is apalling. I bet some teenage suburban boy with no life posted it with that title. The world is full of morons sadly.

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  3. It’s impossible to tell really if a cat feels rage the way we do, but I don’t think they do, I think you are right that they just become defensive and aggressive through fear.
    No it’s not funny and people frightening cats on purpose for videos or photos are very cruel, they need to think to themselves how they would feel in the cat’s place.
    They would scream and lash out if someone gigantic was threatening them!

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