Cat raised with dogs learned to bark

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This cute tabby subadult really does bark! It is a bit surprising to see it happen as described in the title to the video on Twitter X. But it is unsurprising when we are told that he/she was raised by a dog, I am guessing, among puppies.

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You know the much-discussed sensitive period of a cat’s life – the first 7 weeks – when they are very impressionable during which they are socialised to humans and other pets; well, this cat was more than socialised to dogs, he began to believe he was a dog!

Perhaps I am exaggerating. It is more like he simply copied the sounds of his surrogate mother and his canine siblings.

Cats are good observers and copiers as we know. All those ‘cats opening doors’ videos are based on the observational powers and learning abilities of the domestic cat, supported by their intelligence and survival instincts.

This video is another example of that learning process.

Here is another, more famous video, of a cat barking. They change from barking to meowing in a second. It is very strange. Don’t forget that embedded videos can disappear and this one is embedded.

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  1. Hey Mike if you want to see a cat really barking go here. It stops barking when the owner catches it barking. Funniest damn thing I ever saw a cat do. Feel free to post it here and take down my comment…


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