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The Cat Recipe Exchange Page on Facebook should be removed by Facebook (FB). There is a petition on that has been successful and which closes soon. But I would like to publicise this FB page and hope that further pressure is put on FB to close the page.

Cat meat packaged in cellophane at a supermarket
Cat meat packaged in cellophane at a supermarket in Vietnam
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

The FB page in question has photos. I can’t look at them but the one above was in my face so I downloaded it. The language on the packaging is not Chinese and the product is labelled ‘Chat’ – French for cat. So this cellophane packaged cat is from a French speaking Asian country. It is only in the Far East where their culture makes it acceptable to eat cat. French speaking countries in Asia are: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. My bet is that the photograph was taken in Vietnam. It is possible therefore that the troll who has created this FB page is an American Vietnamese. I am guessing wildly, however.

The FB page ‘Cat Recipe Exchange Recipe’ must have been created by a cat hater. It has been deliberately created to wind up cat loving people and decent people. It is the work of a troll on a grand scale.

It is deliberately provocative and has a spoof quality about it making all the more irritating and frankly disgusting. However, there will be people who like it because a segment of society hate cats.

Kitten being cooked
Kitten being cooked

The picture above has a photoshopped quality. Photoshopping is post editing the photograph and merging two or more images in a way that makes them look like they are one image taken at a moment in time. You can’t tell. But what you can tell is that the photograph has been published on the Cat Recipe Exchange Page with the purpose of provoking people.

This is the nature of the troll’s mind. The reasons why this FB page should be deleted are:

  • It is offensive to decent minded people;
  • It is the work of a Troll and trolls do not contribute to the internet;
  • It is upsetting to people who care for a domestic cat.

Many people say it is OK to kill a cat for cat meat for human consumption. They say there is no difference between cat meat and rabbit meat. I disagree strongly. We are talking about domestic cats. They are not raised to be slaughtered for human consumption. They are abandoned or become feral in Asia and people see that as a free source of food.The reason behind the cat meat industry is financial profit. The product is free. Profit is guaranteed. The culture is such that it finds this process acceptable. Clearly the concept of keeping a domestic cat is not so highly developed in countries such as Vietnam and China.

If you have time please register a complaint or sign the petition if it is still running. Thanks.

Associated: Cat Meat Name and Shame.

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  1. The picture above (the whole packaged cat) its written in arabic on it and it says Egyption rabbit ,farmed in Egypt ,so its not a cat and its not from Vietnam , I can read Arabic ,and i hope you guys feel better now 🙂

  2. The last time I checked, the reason why cats are eaten is because humans created them from “wild cats”. So, breeding cats as “pets” is what lead to them being killed for food. Just like when they kill horses people no longer care for. So, to stop people abusing cats, STOP breeding them, so they can become extinct, otherwise cats are here to make money. Someone kills and sells a cat for a few bucks, BREEDERS sell them for upwards of thousands. So, both are at fault!


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