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  1. The picture above (the whole packaged cat) its written in arabic on it and it says Egyption rabbit ,farmed in Egypt ,so its not a cat and its not from Vietnam , I can read Arabic ,and i hope you guys feel better now 🙂

  2. The last time I checked, the reason why cats are eaten is because humans created them from “wild cats”. So, breeding cats as “pets” is what lead to them being killed for food. Just like when they kill horses people no longer care for. So, to stop people abusing cats, STOP breeding them, so they can become extinct, otherwise cats are here to make money. Someone kills and sells a cat for a few bucks, BREEDERS sell them for upwards of thousands. So, both are at fault!

  3. Hi. Doesn’t anyone remember bonsai kitten? Clearly fake and a joke but had many many people in an uproar. Same thing here. That is a rabbit. And that is a live cat in the pot unharmed, you can see by its expression. As to the skinned cat, sorry, other countries do eat different food and I’m sorry you saw a picture of it. They eat dogs too, and sometimes whales. Some countries abort babies right up to 40 weeks. Now what is really important in the larger picture, someone posting a few pictures to yank your chain that aren’t even real? Use your common sense please. If you don’t want to look at something, don’t. But make sure it’s actually a crime before calling the police.

  4. Let us see you live in an Asian country, working hellish hours of SLAVE labor for mere cents per hour.

    When you work all month and your total negative pay is more than your positive pay because you messed up 4 garments…your ass is going to grab a cat off the road too. And no, you don’t have time to grow a garden because you work so long, your whole family does.

    These people would be starving and dead without this meat source, they don’t CHOOSE to eat their pets…you act like they get off on eating these animals when in reality they have no choice.

    Most of these cats and dogs roam the streets freely and wildly until captured and eaten. If you compare that to our meat industry…that’s a fucking paradise.

    You are so thick-headed and worried about your poor kitties that you can’t even have compassion for your fellow human beings. Maybe your ignorance of other lands is really denial of your own.

    I dare you to watch 10 minutes of a dairy farm or of a piglet being slaughtered or of our American workers grabbing chickens by their necks and swinging them until they die or cows being fed chicken shit and standing in their own filth until their skin falls off. You think killing free-roaming, over-populated animals is cruel..take a look domestically and you’ll find more evil than you can stomach…

    Now enjoy your pink slim and kiss your freedom goodbye…

  5. The label on the packaged “cat” product is so clearly edited, sir. This is a rabbit. Look closely at the eyes, they face outwards on the skull. A cat’s eyes will be forward with a much wider face.

    Also note the jaw and teeth. You can see his bottom and top front grinding teeth. The jaw has a large oval gap and no side teeth, no canines. This is a rabbit.

    Regardless, none of that matters because like PP explained, house rabbits are just as interactive, intelligent and loving as any cat. And on the flip side, feed rabbits are over-bred, under-fed and mistreated for sure.

    Who gives a shit if people are trying to rile up cat-lovers? Isn’t your first amendment right a little more important than some lonely cat people getting butt-hurt over PHOTOSHOPPED images?

    These aren’t even real….but yes, by all means, let’s censor the internet because your feelings are hurt.

    P.S. – How do you enjoy your toxoplasmosis-induced schizophrenia? Cats are not the only animal in nature to give other organisms parasites that alter and control their brain functions, in order to benefit themselves.

    Maybe you should do a little research and question why it is you love cats so dearly to a point you would censor your fellow country mens’ free speech. Maybe your cats’ fecal matter has taken over your reasoning for you to want to destroy peoples’ expression over something so damned trivial.

    • Hi Woody! 🙂 Nice to hear from you again…LOL. By the way you have said one useful thing and that is I agree the animal in the picture could be a rabbit. I doesn’t detract from the general argument of the article though.

      How many aliases do you have Mr Woodsman?

  6. Response to Maggie’s last comment, “The meat industry has the blinkers tightly attached to you!”

    Well first, I had to move the site. No choice. But second it is as well organised. You can get to the main pages from the horizontal menu below the header. That was not available on the old site. In fact it is probably better organised. And certainly much easier to build and operate. For example the comments are much more efficient. There are some formatting problems which I am working on. Could not help that. It is the content that matters.

    I can’t bring back the old site. Sorry. There is a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you don’t know about which if you did would change your views.

    That said, I want you to continue to visit the site. I like what you say and respect what you say. Just because we have slightly diverging points of view – probably due to the fact I am a 63 year old man in England and you are a young woman in Tasmania – should not prevent you visiting or being angry about me. I don’t eat much meat. I love animals. We have a lot in common. You should continue to promote your ideas on the site. It is there for you.

    When you are 63, think about what you said in your comment. If you still think the same way, fine.

    And if you don’t come back: Thank you for all your great contributions. It is much appreciated. And good luck. I expect big things of you!

  7. This is truly dreadful to cat lovers, just as eating the flesh of any species of animal/bird/fish is to vegetarians and any product from them to vegans.
    In an ideal world no animal should be used, abused or eaten, but the majority of the human race is ignorant, selfish and self important and too many of us bury our heads in the sand and pretend abuse doesn’t happen.
    A favourite sarcastic and most stupid comment of flesh eaters is ‘If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?’
    They forget that humans are made of meat too and would be a delicacy for any cannibal! Would they accept being born to be eaten by someone who didn’t need to eat them? I think not!
    Humans don’t need meat to survive, animals do and in the natural state Mother Nature takes care of the food chain, animals in the wild understand they have predators, but in the ‘civilised world’ humans are the predators with an unfair advantage as the animals haven’t even a chance of fighting back or escaping.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because of our greed, selfishness and lust for power over defenceless creatures, we are doomed and you know what? That’s not such a bad thing for ALL animals, they can have their planet back as it was meant to be.

  8. I’m sorry, but if you eat eggs, dairy, meat, or any other animal product, you are indirectly saying it’s okay to eat animals, and a cat is an animal. Have you ever owned an indoors only, desexed, rabbit? I have. And he was exactly the same as having a cat. I’ve also been involved with people who have exposed rabbit farms, and I think slaughtered cats are far better off than slaughtered rabbits.

    An animal killed for food is an animal killed for food. The specific species is irrelevant. I won’t be reporting this Facebook page, if I did that I would have to report all meat, egg, dairy, honey, etc, related Facebook pages. Animals die cruel horrid deaths in these industries, but no one ever speaks out for them. How is a calf slaughtered so you can eat his flesh and drink his mother’s milk, any different from a cat being slaughtered for the same purpose!

    • I understand what you say. Completely. And what you say is the classic argument as to why killing stray and feral cats for human consumption is acceptable.

      But, they are not livestock. We have to eat to survive but let us do it in a controlled and decent way. If livestock is inhumanely treated then that cannot be used as a defence for the cruel killing of stray cats in Asia for cat meat.

      We are talking about animals that should be domestic companion animals. We did not domesticate the cat to kill it and eat it! Please understand that.

      Also you have to agree that the FB page is disrespectful and unpleasant. It has been written by a cat hater. That shows.

      • The above comment is why I have no respect or faith left in humanity. It’s not a matter of animals being treated humanely or inhumanely, it’s a matter of them having the right to live. They’re enslaved and forced to die. Whether they like it or not. It’s no different to the Holocaust.

        How can you defend the right of life to one animal, but have no issue with another being born with a death sentence. I’m shocked.

        • Hi Maggie, I am trying to win this argument and not be idealistic for now. I understand where you are coming from but we are omnivores and if we reverted to nature we would be hunting and gathering. It is natural for us to kill animals to eat. We are predatory animals like any other. We are not sufficiently developed to leave our natural instincts behind, yet. That is why I say what I say. I am being pragmatic.

          I would like people to stop eating animals completely. That is my ideal but when people are eating the domestic cat we can conclude that we are so far from that ideal that it is best to simply think in small steps and dump the ideals.

          Sorry if that sounds too pragmatic but we have to be in this world.

          In 1 million years time what you say will come to pass perhaps. But not now.

          • The meat industry has the blinkers tightly attached to you! I suppose you think milk is a good source of calcium, too? If it is natural for humans to eat meat, then go out into the bush, and kill a deer with your bare hands. If humans are natural predators, it should be easy for you to snap its neck with your teeth, and tear it’s flesh with your claws, I mean, nails (which happen to be very flat, a bit like those of a sheep, horse, elephant, and other herbivorous animals…) Meat is killing this world, it is the number one cause behind global warming, global hunger, cancer, and so many other diseases that are killing humans on a mass scale. If that’s natural to you, then I think you need to take those blinkers off, and have a closer look into the lies that society has fed to you.

            That’s all I have to say, and I think this will be my final visit to PoC. It feels like an unorganised blog. The old one was far superior. Let me know if you ever decide to resurrect the old one.

    • yes people like myself do speak out against the cruelties of slaughter houses. its all torture dear death. u r a morom u really are

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