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Cat Relinquishment Because of Flatulence! — 10 Comments

  1. I had a spiritual teacher a long time ago who always said that we live in an “Add water and stir Society”

    Ain’t that the truth?

  2. Bet it was the food they were feeding plus the anxiety of a new residence.

    If they really wanted to adopt a kitty and loved cats, they would have done a lot more research into what was causing the problem and given the cat time to adjust. This is just very inconsiderate and selfish behavior on their part.. sorry to say.

    • I have a feeling that this story is somewhat of a reflection of the instant world we live in. If things do not work out quickly then dump it or change it. I do not think a lot of thought went into this adoption.

  3. How generous of these people to have given Lenny TWO whole days to adjust!!!
    Flatulence is a “stinky” excuse to relinquish a cat. Just when we think we’e heard it all…
    I agree with everyone. Lenny should be in a different home with kind, cat wise folks and let these people continue with their impossible search for the perfect cat. They’ll find one in toy stores in various colors.

  4. Poor Lenny, I hope those people are never allowed to adopt another cat.
    The irony is that his gas was probably caused by being fed with good food after eating cheaper less nutritious food at the Shelter because I don’t see how Shelters can afford to feed cats on the best food available. A cat rescued here had been living rough and on a bad diet, good cat food made him gassy until his digestive system adjusted.

  5. I think Lenny is lucky he had gas. It means he will get another familly. He saved himself from a familly that wouldn’t know how to care for him.

  6. That’s actually a very sad story because surely every time a cat is temporarily adopted and then returned a few days later it adds to the trauma that the cat is suffering by being homeless, perhaps Lenny was nervous, we know ourselves our stomachs clench up when we’re stressed, this on top of strange food as you mention Michael could easily have upset his stomach. What a pair of wet blankets whoever adopted him so fleetingly was, don’t they ever get gassy themselves, are they so clean and sterile that they never break wind? This is disgusting really, these lightweights have done more harm than good and I hope they weren’t allowed to take another cat home instead of Lenny.

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