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Cat Repossessed by Florida Rescue Returns Home — 5 Comments

    • Thank you all so much! I never thought this would happen. Thanks to all those who snuck their pets in, My Management decided to Type a letter to St Francis to let me have Midnight here as I was Honest and 7 years IS a Long time, Plus I am a good tenant. Elisa Black-Taylor had a lot to do with this too. she is an excellent writer, animal Advocate and has a heart of Gold. I am With my Baby and Never being apart ever again. How lucky me and Midnight are! Thank you all <3

      • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Laurel. We are very pleased for both you and Midnight. The outcome was the right one of course. Thanks to Elisa too for writing about your story.

  1. Glad that Laurel got her pet back. If you ask me….Midnight should not have been taken from her to begin with. I do agree…happy endings are great to hear (seeing many times when the outcome are often worse).

  2. Good endings are a bit scarce in the world of cats so this is a very welcome story. Thanks Elisa.

    To be candid, this was the only sensible outcome but I am glad that everyone who participated made it come true. Well done. It is the right outcome for all concerned.

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