Cat Repossessed by Florida Rescue Returns Home

Laurel and Midnight

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I’m sure those of you who follow PoC articles on a daily basis recall the story of Midnight, a black cat who became ill back in August. When Midnight’s owner, Laurel Queen-Havens, of Venice Island, Florida turned to St. Francis Animal Rescue – a volunteer run organization that cares for lifetime resident cats, adoptable cats and kittens and foster cats – Midnight ended up back in their care; repossessed after seven years (opens new window).

Laurel thought she had lost Midnight forever, and spent months crying herself to sleep at night. Then in late October, things took a turn for the worse. Midnight was placed up for adoption.

Then a miracle occurred. St. Francis somehow realized Midnight and Laurel belonged together, and decided to help that happen. Vice President Amy Berke took Midnight off of the adoption list, and set things up to be sure Midnight and Laurel were reunited. Laurel was fortunate during the five months without her cat. St. Francis allowed her to visit Midnight as often as she wanted. But that wasn’t the same as the two living together under one roof, as they had done for seven years.

Laurel had one more obstacle to overcome before getting Midnight. She had to obtain permission from both the property manager and the property owner, since pets were frowned upon. Lucky for Midnight and Laurel, many residents had been sneaking pets into the complex, so Midnight was given clearance to join her mom.

Midnight wasn’t set to return to Lauren until January 7, but due to a lot of work by Laurel and her friends on getting her apartment cat ready, Midnight came home on December 30. What a wonderful way for these two to start out the new year! I’ve stayed in contact with Laurel throughout her ordeal. She described what it was like having Midnight back in her life.

“Oh she has been hanging next to my leg, slept on my pillow last night, all mushy, I LOVE It! She was so excited yesterday when she realized I was taking her, she ran in the cage. She rested a LOT and slept all night with me too. She does not like other cats so these past few months have taken a toll on her. She is sleeping again on her pillow on my bed. I missed her on it too! NEVER again is Midnight going away again. We belong together forever. She kisses on lips too, but hard to get that on camera. She is a very well behaved, emotional, loving indoor cat anyway. I am Blessed to have her. She is only 9 lbs so cute and cuddly.”

St. Francis Animal Rescue did their part to help, providing Laurel with cat food and cat litter to get her started. Laurel still needs a few supplies, as she lost everything “cat” when she moved from her old apartment to her new residence. Anyone wishing to help can do so by visiting Midnight’s Amazon Wish List.

Reporting Midnight being home is one of the high points of my new year. I get upset when a cat are separated from her owner. I’m so thankful St. Francis Animal Rescue had a change of heart and decided to do what’s right for the cat. If you would like to contribute to their rescue for caring for Midnight, and allowing her to return home, here’s the link to their webpage.

Happy New Year everyone. May we have many more happy ending in the year to come.

5 thoughts on “Cat Repossessed by Florida Rescue Returns Home”

    • Thank you all so much! I never thought this would happen. Thanks to all those who snuck their pets in, My Management decided to Type a letter to St Francis to let me have Midnight here as I was Honest and 7 years IS a Long time, Plus I am a good tenant. Elisa Black-Taylor had a lot to do with this too. she is an excellent writer, animal Advocate and has a heart of Gold. I am With my Baby and Never being apart ever again. How lucky me and Midnight are! Thank you all <3

  1. Glad that Laurel got her pet back. If you ask me….Midnight should not have been taken from her to begin with. I do agree…happy endings are great to hear (seeing many times when the outcome are often worse).

  2. Good endings are a bit scarce in the world of cats so this is a very welcome story. Thanks Elisa.

    To be candid, this was the only sensible outcome but I am glad that everyone who participated made it come true. Well done. It is the right outcome for all concerned.


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