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Cat Rescue: be cautious about donating to people you only know from Facebook — 3 Comments

  1. what these people sya is VERY true. personally, if i were going to donate to ANY “charity” like these i would look up & call any of the local VETs(a few if possible)that r in the area &/or ANY other local shelters that r in the area as well in order to get an UNBIASED view of the people making the claims. if the local vet hasnt heard of or from those people &/or the local shelters havent then its PROBABLY a scam; if they HAVE then they SHOULD b able to tell u whatever u want to know about the people. also, its NOT a bad idea to ask the person themselves for references fro their local vets, etc. if they dont have any then forget them. cuz, lets face it,if they truly ARE helping animals they will have HAD to have SEEN a vet AT SOME TIME because of their animals getting sick etc, & who ever heard of a reputable rescue person NOT suggesting a local vet etc. BOTH the shelter we got our 1st 2 cats from& the one that helped my gf foster our 4 kittens(who r QUITE big now)told her about a FEW vets etc for when she decided to adopt ALL 4 of them. so i imagine those people SHOULD be doing the same thing & if they DONT it should b a red flag. of course i COULD b wrong as im just going of of MY OWN experience, but i cant imagine a GOOD rescuer, etc NOT suggesting a good vet for people or at least talking about the one they go to most often. even if not tho, the local vets/shelters SHOULD have heard about THAT person at the very least, & SHOULD be able to give u info about them. if not I would leave them alone. either way God Bless u all & i pray our furry friends stay safe, healthy, smart, & strong through out the rest of this winter season & r ready to embrace the upcoming spring with all the vigor of young kittens even if that was many years ago. AMEN!

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