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Cat rescue center wants to sue a couple for $1000 for breach of contract — 2 Comments

  1. Despite what some people think they should read the adoption or purchase agreement. This has been common for a very long time but has seldom been enforced. It’s also been impossible to uphold as many rescues fail to have a lawyer familiar with laws in their state prepare the document. Most rescues don’t have the funds to enforce the contract.

  2. It will also help to stop people from adopting any animal from any shelter once they learn that that animal can’t be and isn’t really theirs. I wonder if this applies to all those TNR cats that they microchip, that if found splattered on the road and identified, if the TNR caretaker can be sued for animal-neglect and animal-endangerment. I bet it could and would. Well, there goes even more people unwilling to TNR cats too if they learn that. You’re tightening the noose on pet-ownership so tight that the number of homes wanting or willing to take on the responsibility will dwindle to none. Then what happens to all those unwanted animals? Are you going to house and feed them all?

    I bet the news of this spreads fast and that shelter will be unable to adopt-out any of their animals soon. Then they close their doors for lack of funds and have to have all their present animals euthanized.

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