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Cat rescue follows a few moments after cat abandoned on sidewalk — 6 Comments

  1. The rescue should pursue a prosecution for this. No excuses, if the callous ex-steward of this poor cat is known, the rescuer can give evidence, then there is no excuse for not reporting it.

  2. as a fosterer of kittens this makes my heart hurt, iv been doing this for 3 years an iv had kittens terrified an by the time they need to find there forever homes. they are well mentally an socialized with my own it hurts to see them go but they never stay at the shelter for long,

  3. Why the (very bad word) don’t they just take them to a shelter. This ( blank ) makes my head hurt. It’s sad enough when a pet owner just decides to give them up it’s unconscionable when they leave them abandoned alone and vulnerable.

      • Many shelters in the US still have the midnight drop box so cowards dumping their pets don’t even have to face another human being while doing it.

        • Only County kill shelters around me have drop boxes.
          No cat should ever go to any U.S. County Shelter. It’s certain death.
          But, abandoning should never be an option.
          There are many legitimate no kill organizations around, but they are always filled. In my experience, begging, begging, begging may help.

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