Cat rescue follows a few moments after cat abandoned on sidewalk

The time between throwing his cat away and the cat being rescued by a kind man was a matter of minutes. In fact the two events occurred so close together that the rescuer noticed the cat’s owner dumping the last of the cat’s possessions outside next to his cat. Did they exchange words?

The cat was abandoned with all of his toys. He was in a cat carrier on the sidewalk (pavement in the UK). The photograph of the cat in the cat carry on the sidewalk is incongruous. It almost looks as if the cat’s owner had popped back inside his house to get something with the intention of picking up his cat and taking him to the veterinarian or something like that. But no, the cat is in his carrier on the sidewalk, under a hot sun, totally abandoned for anybody to pick him up and fortunately someone did.

We don’t know the name of the person who rescued the cat. He may have spoken to the cat’s owner as he saw him. The man confirmed that the cat was being abandoned, thrown away effectively.

The passerby called a very well-known animal shelter in London, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. Those of you who were involved with photography back in the 60s and who know a bit about fashion may remember Celia Hammond. She was a famous model of the famous photographer David Bailey. She started up an animal rescue centre on a her retirement.

Volunteers from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust met the cat’s rescuer at a local railway station. Apparently the cat’s name is Marcus. I’m not sure if the man learned that from the cat’s owner or whether the name was given to him by the shelter staff.

Marcus is microchipped and therefore the owner’s name is known. He made it clear that he no longer wanted to take care of his cat. He was as bold and as brazen as that. It seems that there was no guilt, no shame, no attempt to hide the fact that he was engaged in cat abuse and may in fact have been committing a crime under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

This cat rescue story is interesting because of the point that I have highlighted namely that the rescuer practically met the person who threw away his cat at the time the event happened.

P.S. I believe this happened in London, UK as the Celia Hammond Animal Trust is in London.

Source: One Green Planet.

6 thoughts on “Cat rescue follows a few moments after cat abandoned on sidewalk”

  1. The rescue should pursue a prosecution for this. No excuses, if the callous ex-steward of this poor cat is known, the rescuer can give evidence, then there is no excuse for not reporting it.

  2. as a fosterer of kittens this makes my heart hurt, iv been doing this for 3 years an iv had kittens terrified an by the time they need to find there forever homes. they are well mentally an socialized with my own it hurts to see them go but they never stay at the shelter for long,

  3. Why the (very bad word) don’t they just take them to a shelter. This ( blank ) makes my head hurt. It’s sad enough when a pet owner just decides to give them up it’s unconscionable when they leave them abandoned alone and vulnerable.

      • Many shelters in the US still have the midnight drop box so cowards dumping their pets don’t even have to face another human being while doing it.

        • Only County kill shelters around me have drop boxes.
          No cat should ever go to any U.S. County Shelter. It’s certain death.
          But, abandoning should never be an option.
          There are many legitimate no kill organizations around, but they are always filled. In my experience, begging, begging, begging may help.


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