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Cat Rescue Group in florida U.S. — 4 Comments

  1. Sweet Rescue Kitty needs a Foster home or forever home. She’s in East TN. She came right up to my friend like she was seeking help. Very sweet and playful. Looks to be about 9 months -1 year.

    But transport can be arranged.

    All rescues in her area are full. And rescues in our counties nearby are maxed out.

    Her current foster home will end next Wednesday.

    Will you help me?
    Know someone looking?
    Message me if you do.

  2. We rescued a tiny kitten during Irma and we desperately need to find her another home, our landlord wants her out asap…we tried posting to friends on Facebook and even on Freecycle with no luck finding het a home..please help. We are in Brooksville FL

    • Lisa, thanks for posting. Can you provide a bit more detail and upload a photo. If you can I’ll write an article for you which may get a result.

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