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Cat Rescue In Slovakia

by Kenny
(Kezmarok, Slovakia)

Well my story…. last autumn we was at our garden….we have house with big garden behind it….and we were doing classic autumn work when we noticed small kitten running around our garden…we thought that it was just our neighbors… but when we asked nobody was missing little blacky fluffy cat..^^ …so we took him home… cuz it started to be freezing out there…and gave him name DURI…(in my language is spelled something like djurri)…he was just a kitten…so he was very active….all day long…he was running like hell all around the house…eating everything….ruining every flower on window….destroying window blinds….and killing my plush toys..:D…but he is very intelligent and every time he do something wrong and I call his name with this angry voice he stops and sit…and act like nothing happened..:D and now he is adult…he became very calm…sleepy and nice…(before he only intended to jump on you and started to politely bite you anywhere he could) but now…he goes everywhere I go…do anything with me…and always watches me..:) tht I am fine..:)


Hi Kenny…. I think your is the first cat story from Slovakia to be submitted and published on PoC. I am pleased to hear from Slovakia.

For people who are not sure where the country – I wasn’t – here is a Google map:

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The country is called “Slovensko” on the map. Thank you, Kenny, for visiting and telling us about your little cat rescue.

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Cat Rescue In Slovakia

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May 09, 2011
What a great story!
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

I too rescued a cat who was a stray. He follows me around like your cat– my little friend. It’s amazing the bond that can develop between human and animal– even an animal who was once wild. It’s funny when Monty knows I don’t want him to do something, but he gets it in his head that he’s going to do it anyway. I’ll be trying to bring him in from outside and I’ll just see his little backside as he runs as fast as he can away from me and up the tallest tree. But in a little while he comes down and lets me pick him up. It’s like he just has to assert his independence first. I never scold him. He gets hugs all the time no matter what he does.

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