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Cat rescued from Grenfell Tower fire — 4 Comments

  1. That’s sad.

    Most dog owners have enough leashes for their dogs but overlook their cats’ needs. Too many cat owners don’t have carriers, or at least not enough to carry all the cats. I only have two cats, but my carrier is big enough for both. It’s a medium dog carrier.

  2. It must be so heart wrenching to have to leave pets behind when evacuating a fire. Having more than one pet makes it that much harder. This is very tragic as many other events caused by negligence around fire safety.

    • Sandy, unless it was absolutely desperate I don’t believe I could leave my cat behind. I recall reading about one man who said that he would stay in the block with his dogs rather than leave them behind. I feel sure that he has perished with his dogs. And I can understand that.

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