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Cat rescued from NC shelter shows signs of severe neglect — 32 Comments

  1. Thanks for the updates Elisa.

    RIP little kitten. I’m sure Suzanne must be devastated, but I hope she can take some comfort from knowing that his final days were spent being loved and cared for. If she hadn’t stepped in, I dread to think what a lingering and miserable death he would have suffered at the shelter.

    I’ll make a donation in Monte Cristo’s name to show my support for Suzanne and the fantastic work she does.

  2. Wtf poor little baby this is just horrendous so glad he was rescued & will have a loving furever home bless him! The shelter staff should get max punishment!!

  3. Those photos made me wince, so I can only begin to imagine how painful it must be for that poor kitten. He looks so young and vulnerable. I’m just pleased to hear that he’s now being looked after by someone who genuinely does care about his welfare.

    It’s shocking to think that shelters neglect animals in this way. If this had happened in someone’s home, the cat owner would possibly face prosecution for cruelty and neglect.

  4. Brad Hamms You are a sad person with a sad life that is so obvious. Why don’t you go somewhere and make a positive CARING contribution to society in a area you do care about! (if there is any thing you care about) If not just stay out of this arena where people do care about animals! You know I don’t like ignorant uneducated uncaring men, but I don’t seek out opportunities to insult them!

    • His love is for birds, Jan. And, that is the basis of his entire insane agenda in disposing of cats and verbally abusing cat lovers.

      • I love birds too we have feeders all over the property one of our biggest problems is protecting the smaller birds from HAWKS so we place the feeders carefully! My love of birds does not take away from my love of cats or dogs! It seems people who love cats care about all animals. Its not so much with the others I feel. A lot of dog people say they hate cats too (then when their dog does something wrong its in the pound) One of my cats was killed by a giant owl I still love owls. His love of birds? Brad just sounds like a FOWL mouth misfit with a bad attitude to me probable the only activity he is welcome at is solo bird watching!

  5. In case you or anyone are curious — the term that I use of….deleted by admin as I am tired of reading Woody’s stuck and rude record.

  6. The hallmark of every last one of you useless cat-lickers….From Admin: I warned you, you idiot. If you use “cat licker” you’re deleted and banned.

  7. I don’t want to comment, it seem to me like we still are living in DARK AGES, very sorry for this Kitten and others, if there are 🙁

  8. This is more the rule than the exception in the North Carolina shelters I am familiar with. They don’t have enough money, their staffs are not trained, many staff members are old-school animal CONTROL (not animal CARE) practitioners who care little about animals they expect to kill anyway. New hires with less anachronistic sensibilities don’t last, so the oldtimers are left to continue their often inhumane practices.

      • This is happening with shelters across the country. Many are now being shown how a shelter should be run so the animals aren’t forced to remain in this condition. But until each shelter is called out nothing changes. Even then we’re lucky to see change. Susan is very correct, especially about NC shelters

        • Shouldn’t there be some enforceable standard? In the UK the RSPCA would be around inspecting the place and closing it down if it there were indications of neglect and breaches of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

          • It would be a disaster to close it down. Surprise inspections and a trained and caring staff is what they need. There are a lot of lazy people in the U.S. who just want to sit behind a desk and not offer training or assistance. This is a hands-on job meaning everyone is needed to see the animals are care for and adopted.

            • I guess it comes down to commitment and funding. When I said “close down” I should have qualified it with “temporarily” while a review took place but the point you are making is that a flawed shelter is better than no shelter and even a temporary shut down would cost lives. I agree that.

              • If a county shelter closes it means animals will be dumped somewhere since there’s no longer a shelter. And many shelters that close down for a few weeks kill any cats not rescued and just start over when they reopen. 🙁

    • A lot of people don’t realize vets use doxy as a heartworm treatment. I’d forgotten it kills blood parasites and is fairly cheap to use. I’ve seen a few shelters start their cats on it upon arrival.

      • Yes Elisa that is true! We used to do that but at the advise of our old vet stopped. He said it was harsh on the cats esophagus. After that we saw all kinds of issues crop up we never dealt with before so we are going back to that! If you rinse with at least 3 cc of water that should take care of any residue. We have been mixing it with Viyo to give it to the cats and kittens. It was the only thing that cleared up one of the horrible Mycoplasma URI strains that a lot of the cats and kittens got at Cabarrus Shelter some did not make it but the ones we got on doxy quick enough did!

  9. Suzy also occasionally takes desperately needy kitties from other states, including driving to pick them up herself if necessary. She truly cares about “the least of these”.

    • This shelter is known for situations like this. People are urged to contact the NC DOA. From what I’ve heard people have been calling them all day and the Humane Society as well. There is no sense in this type of neglect.

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