Cat rescued from rubble of shelled building in Ukraine (video)

The video which is somewhat indistinct but which conveys the message, shows three rescue workers from SES Ukraine. They have a Facebook page and this is a Facebook video. It seems to me that the cat is trapped by a hard object and surrounded by a lot of black rubble from what appears to be a shelled building. The cat behaves calmly. It is impressive to see three men doing their best to rescue this cat. It shows a tenderness to animal welfare despite the chilling amount of death and destruction that is going on around them. They retained a sensibility towards animal welfare which I find impressive.

Cat rescued from rubble of building destroyed by Russian shelling in Ukraine. The cat was trapped.
Cat rescued from rubble of building destroyed by Russian shelling in Ukraine. The cat was trapped. Screenshot.
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I just feel incredibly sad for both the animals and the people of Ukraine. This is a small snapshot of what it is like to be living in Ukraine at the moment.

I am also extremely sad at the misinformation being disseminated by the Kremlin. The leaders of Russia have indoctrinated the majority of Russians into believing that the illegal invasion of Ukraine is to stop terrorists and Nazis in Ukraine threatening Russia. Putin has claimed that they have nuclear bombs trained on Russia in the Ukraine. This is all mumbo-jumbo and a smokescreen. It is entirely false.

The Russian people have bad leaders. It is Putin and his cronies who are at fault not the citizens of Russia. They have been blinded and indoctrinated.

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Putin wants to take Ukraine and if needs be destroy it because it is a threat to his dictatorship of Russia. Ukraine is a democracy. It is part of Europe. It is on Russia’s doorstep. Putin cannot have a thriving democracy on his doorstep because it undermines his dictatorship. It must be taken out. He describes democrats as Nazis. He has turned everything upside down. He says fake news is real news and real news is fake news. It’s a constant smokescreen to try and muddy the waters.

He wants Ukraine to be part of an old USSR and doesn’t mind how he gets it. The way he is going about it he will end up with a destroyed country and a population who hate him. And a large percentage of Ukrainians are Russians but they don’t want to live under a Russian dictatorship. They want democracy. They want to be part of Europe and they want to be part of NATO. That, too, is another perceived threat by Putin. He is an old school KGB man with the old communist state in his head. And he is gradually returning Russia to the way it was in 1917. And in the process, he is killing thousands of people including 117 children (as I recall). And he’s injured many more.

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