Cat rescued minutes before garbage pickup after being thrown out inside his carrier

A cat in the Bronx, New York was rescued minutes before garbage pickup after being thrown out inside his carrier with the trash. The sweet kitty, now named Earnest Raymond, is currently in a foster to adopt program where he is very much loved.

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Earnest Raymond was found Wednesday morning by a Bronx resident Raymond Deidesheimer and his girlfriend as they walked past some garbage bags waiting for trash pickup.

Minutes away from being compacted, Earnest Raymond was spotted in his carrier among the garbage bags. He was buried under several bags and could easily have been overlooked by the garbage service.

This sweet kitty will likely shoot to internet fame since it’s a feel-good story and cat advocates love a good rescue tale.

Little Wanderers NYF founder Lisa Scroggins confirmed Earnest Raymond was spotted only minutes before the garbage truck was due.

More photos and videos can be found on the Little Wanderers Instagram. As you can see in this recent photo, Earnest Raymond is being treated like a king.

King of his new forever home

Our thanks go out to everyone involved for getting this unwanted kitty off the streets and into a loving home.

Photos by Little Wanderers.

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3 thoughts on “Cat rescued minutes before garbage pickup after being thrown out inside his carrier”

  1. So thankful that Earnest was found and rescued. It breaks my heart that humans can treat other sentient beings this badly.😫😰😠

  2. I’m glad Earnest Raymond was found.

    This doesn’t surprise me. Humanity has been discarding life forms for millions of years. We’ve only recently begin to value life in all forms of. Don’t give up yet.

    His foster to adopt mom will be putting up an Instagram site The Importance of Being Earnest Raymond soon.

    Hopefully all his blood work will pass.

    I got this from the Huff Post article.

  3. I have lost faith in humanity,I really have,every dam bloody day there cats being dumped/abandoned and abused,it wont ever end but I wont give in either,I will do my damest on my part to help a moggie in a bad situation,this is why I prefer my herd of moggies to human company.


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