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Cat Rescuer Involuntarily Committed to a Mental Health Treatment Facility — 25 Comments

    • Eat pigeon poo, Jim!
      You know very well that number of cats don’t reside here. Majority are in colonies.
      You seem to have an attention deficit or else you would have noticed that bird nest in the yard 2 weeks ago.
      Plain lunacy, bipolar, sociopathic, or all?

      • Please explain exactly, what is the difference between an indoor cat-hoarder and an outdoor cat-hoarder? The only difference I see is that you care even less about the safety and well-being of your cats. How many more of your outdoor hoarded cats are going to be poisoned to death this week? LOL!!

        • How about your bird hoarding…
          You have all sorts of feeders out to attract.
          How many of your birdies need to be clipped out of life before you really stop enticing them toward danger?
          Now, I’ve learned that some of my neighbors have distributed “laced” birdseed around their yards.
          I’m livid because I care. Why don’t you care about
          other beloved animals?

          • You can keep telling people that everyone who isn’t into cats is your Jim, all that you want. It’s never going to make it true. But then, when does a cat-fanatic NOT lie? That’d be a first!

            Quite frankly, I hope that that Jim of yours dies, so you can finally see I’m not him. LOL!!!

          • p.s. You still didn’t answer the question. What is the difference between an indoor cat-hoarder and an outdoor cat-hoarder — other than the difference I already stated, and can prove.

            Evading the question, and the reality of what you truly are? I thought so.

            • Jim, you evade every uncomfortable question put to you all of the time.
              “Outside hoarded cats” are, probably, cared for better than anyone’s inside ones. Free everything!

              • Better cared for? Yeah, that’s why your outdoor hoarded cats are being “poisoned” to death. LOL That doesn’t happen to well-cared-for indoor cats. Or haven’t you noticed? Of course not. Reality escapes you. That’s why you’re next on the list for mandatory mental-health incarceration and evaluation.

          • I bet your cats are being poisoned to death just like all these cats were poisoned to death.

            http : / / www . wfmz . com / news/news-regional-lehighvalley/Cats-deaths-likely-the-result-of-disease-not-poison/33609084

            It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault, isn’t it, NEVER YOURS. LOL

          • Too funny! Dee, the outdoor cat-haorder spewed, “Now, I’ve learned that some of my neighbors have distributed “laced” birdseed around their yards.”

            Yeah, because cats always eat birdseed and people who love birds will poison the birds to poison the cats. Hint, cats don’t go after dead birds, only live ones.

            Lie and deceive much? LOL!!! Too too effin’ funny!

  1. Dear DEE, and I as well so I try to make sure it’s in a diluted state before using. The fumes are toxic to animals and humans,but if handled properly; bleach is the best disinfectant and odor eliminator I know of.
    ps-now I sound like a commercial for Clorox.

  2. P.S. I must admit that there are days when I think that I have lost my mind. It may be because of all the fumes from Clorox Cleanup!

  3. My opinion is that it is impossible for a lone person to adequately care for 132 cats inside their home. Even with the number of indoor and indoor/outdoor cats here, the feeding, vet bills, flea control, yearly vaccines, etc. nearly break me. And, they are nowhere near 132!

    But, ofcourse, I have my 3 feral colonies. However, their care is nearly free thanks to my rescue group and it’s contributions.

    We have to know and accept our limitations. It breaks my heart every time I have to refuse another addition here from either the rescues or individuals. But, if I wouldn’t be able to give them the best of me, they are better off elsewhere.

  4. Unless you have staff or volunteers it simply isn’t possible to give 132 cats the individual care and attention they need. Cats need daily attention. There aren’t enough waking hours for one person spend adequate time with each of 132 cats to ensure the health and wellbeing of each individual, and to clean litter trays, food trays and bedding, and to feed 2 meals daily. Even if some are housed as penned semi-feral colonies, it’s more than one person can do unaided. I speak from cat shelter experience dealing with less than 132 cats!

  5. Very sad story inside and out.

    There comes a time when we have to practice tough love for the good of all involved, and after expert and careful evaluation without judgement or bias. I am sure she loved the cats and needed help caring for them and may even have gone hungry to feed them all? Just a thought. I would hope that a Doctor has treated her for any physical ailments or other illness?

  6. This is so very sad, for the people and the cats involved.

    From what I’ve read on-line, it appears that Carmen Martinez allegedly made threats to kill herself if the cats were taken and she was placed in a mental health facility for her own protection. Of course, we’re only hearing the authorities version of events, so who knows if that is true or not.

    • Thanks Michele for that bit of research. That sounds credible. It would be devastating to know that all your cats were about to be killed. It could well provoke extreme behaviour.

  7. In a way I would say that anyone with 132 cats must be short a couple of slices in the loaf, but then who am I to judge? I know if someone was hauling me off to the asylum I would be more worried about my animals than anything else.

    • Looking after 132 animals can quite easily mean the person is out of control but sometimes they are organised. The Cat House on the Kings have 700 rescue animals and is famous and well run. It just depends. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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