Cat rescuer pays off animal shelter’s $5000 veterinary bill

Young woman pays off shelter's 5000 dollar vet bill
Photo: Russian social media site.
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A young woman, who is a student, surprisingly paid off an animal shelter’s $5,200 veterinary bill in order to encourage the shelter to take in a small, white kitten that she had found.

The young woman wishes to remain anonymous (by name) but we have a photograph of her with the kitten that she found. It happened at the end of October this year. Having found the kitten she contacted Homeless Animals of Maycop. The shelter is in the capital of Russia’s southern republic of Adygea.

The shelter administration said that they could not take in the kitten because they were full. She learnt that they had an outstanding veterinary bill of 340,000 rubles (about US$5200). The bill had been acquired over six years!

The young woman was not prepared to accept no for an answer and offered to pay off the veterinary bill if the shelter took in the kitten. Unsurprisingly they agreed!

“Shock shock shock.. We still can’t come to our senses, in a good way”

Here is an image of the Google translation from the Russian:

Text from social media of shelters story about 5k dollars gift

The shelter regard the young woman as a guardian angel who saved the shelter. The photograph shows the receipt from the veterinary clinic as well as the lady in question. The white kitten has been called ‘Golden’ and the animal shelter is working to find a good home for the kitten.

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