Cat rescuers go out of their way on Christmas Eve to save blind kitten and its littermate

This is the happy ending story of another Christmas miracle involving two beautiful cat rescuers who went out of their way to get two kittens to safety on Christmas Eve after they were found recently in a bamboo field in Upstate South Carolina. The finder was unable to keep them and reached out to me for help via Facebook on Friday afternoon.

Pippin & Merry during their Christmas Eve transport
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Now dubbed Pippin and Merry (from Lord of the Rings) these two Siamese beauties are currently in the care of Kristina Leigh, who fosters for Anderson County Humane Society in Anderson, South Carolina. ACHS is a no-kill facility that operates through foster homes and is totally dependent on donations to keep running.

Kara Sheriff Clayton, a big-time dog advocate, helped me out after I posted the situation on her Facebook page. She coordinated their rescue on Christmas Eve and handed them over to Leigh, who will keep them until a forever home can be found. I don’t believe a day goes by when Kara isn’t going out of her way to pick up a dog (or cat) in need and Leigh is very well respected as a temporary cat mommy.

Kara (left) & Kristina (right) are rescue angels

Now for the bad news. Pippin is blind and may even need eye removal. Pippin is more of a guardian over Merry but is dependent on Merry for guidance. They have a special bond and will need to find a forever home willing to take on both kittens. From what I understand, they’re about four months old.

Pippin (left) & Merry (right)

Since ACHS operates on donations, around $200 is needed to cover their vetting to get them ready for a forever home. Kristina went out of her way to take them, hoping people will open their purses and wallets as well as their hearts to these two little angels. The story of their rescue has been shared many places, but not even $1 has come in to help these two. Please consider a donation of any amount to ensure Pippin and Merry get the care they need so they can move on to a good indoor home.

Click here to donate and be sure to mention it’s for the Siamese kittens.

The Anderson County Humane Society is a private, not-for-profit animal welfare organization. An all-volunteer Board of Directors governs their organization. They’re not affiliated with the Animal Shelter or Animal Control (although they do try to help place animals from the shelter). All of the members have regular jobs and volunteer for the Humane Society as time permits. Meetings are held at various locations and animals are kept in individual foster homes until they are adopted.

They also offer low-cost spay/neuter programs for low-income residents.  More than 26,000 animals have been altered at the ACHS Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic. Their efforts have greatly reduced the number of unwanted pets entering Anderson County P.A.W.S., which is the local shelter.

You can follow Anderson County Humane Society on Facebook or on their website. Tax deductible donations can be made via those links and are always needed, as the organization takes in many animals in deplorable condition who were thrown away by society.

Thank you, ladies, for taking time on Christmas Eve to help two kittens in need. I chatted with Kristina today and she said Merry and Pippin are still a bit hissy and getting used to their new surroundings. They appear very happy in their photos. Let’s get the ball rolling and raise the money necessary to get them ready for a home, which will open up another space in Kristina’s home for another cat in need.


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