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Cat responds instantly to call ‘Ya hungry’ — 2 Comments

  1. I know my moggies understand but not with food but with treats,as soon as I call out TREATS all 13 come running into the kitchen,I love it and the kitty in this video looks exactly like my ‘Molly’

  2. Yeah this is a no brainer; of course the cat is responding to him. Whether she knows what those words mean is not clear, because there isn’t anything else to compare it to. It’s possible, and my cats do know what many words mean. They also respond to the tone I use, but I’m not sure if they know what a question is either. Sort of, I think. I know they understand that I want a response from them. I’ve found that I have to use minimal and consistent wording in relation to what I’m talking about, and give them clear results for their understanding. Also I’ve made a concerted effort to NOT use treats as rewards. I always wanted to see if they would eventually feel rewarded by the value of what’s going on rather than doing tricks. I had to know see and know that. If it takes longer to get them to understand and appreciate that, then that’s what it takes and it’s worth it to me. I’m satisfied that they understand, but it takes time.

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