Cat returned to shelter because she wanted to cuddle her owners at night

Ellie. Image: Kate Balow of Meow Stories (believed).
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A rescue cat was returned to the shelter from which she was adopted because she wanted to sleep with her human caregiver but they refused. The words of the last sentence are more or less lifted from a picture on Twitter which you can see below and which is self-explanatory. The story concerns a female tuxedo cat four years old. She is or was at PETSMART Charities, a rehoming service operated by the business. Her name is Ellie.

Cat returned to a shelter because she wanted to sleep with her human caregiver but they wouldn't allow it
Cat returned to a shelter because she wanted to sleep with her human caregiver but they wouldn’t allow it. The rescue where Ellie is staying works in partnership with PetSmart as you can tell. Image: Twitter.

This is a very sad story but one, I believe, that is not untypical. Cats wishing to sleep with their owners in bed at night is both very common and a source of potential problems for their owner.

It shouldn’t be a problem for the owner because they should get used to the idea if at all possible. However, many cat owners simply will not allow it. They close the bedroom door on their cat.

This is what happened to Ellie and she tried and get in. I suppose it irritated her owners and they abandoned her to the shelter from which they had adopted her.

Ellie at PetSmart
Ellie at PetSmart. Image: Balow.

At the moment, Meow Stories Centrally VA Cat Rescue is adopting out Ellie. Kate Balow of that rescue told Fox News that Ellie had achieved some social media fame because of the reason why she was relinquished to a shelter. Because of her temporary fame there have been 25 applications to adopt her. Ironic, isn’t it?

Balow is confident that she will be adopted quite soon and it may already have happened as Ellie is super friendly. I note that she has a kink in her tail, not far from the base. Is it because she was injured or is it because she has Siamese genes in her? Siamese cats are famous for their kinked tails. A feature which has been removed through selective breeding but which is present in the original Siamese cat from Siam, now Thailand.

I understand, too, that another reason why Ellie was relinquished is because the female owner began a relationship with a person who is allergic to cats. This is a backstory of deciding between your cat or your human partner. That’s a big one.

Separately, Balow made a good point about “Never, never go by the looks of the cat when choosing a furry friend”. I heartily agree with that. There are so many wonderful cat companions out there in rescue centres who don’t look glamorous but who will make their human companion very happy because of their character. Focus on character more than looks.

Balow said that people often come into her rescue saying that they want a cat of a certain appearance without discussing personality. It’s important to discuss personality because you want a cat which fits in with your lifestyle.

In any case, personality is more important that appearance. There is an overemphasis on the way things look and that doesn’t just apply to domestic cats but everything in our lives. I don’t like it.

I’ve got some pages on how to try and make it acceptable to allow your domestic cat to come into your bedroom at night which may help. The link to these pages are below.

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