Cat Reunited with Boy

Cat Reunited with Boy

by Michael

This reunion between lost cat and charming boy will make you tearful..

…the only slight irritant for me – forgive me – is the parents! Sorry, but they are a bit loud at a time when they could have been quiet and let their son spend an intimate ten minutes with the cat he loved.

Bonds between children and domestic cats can be very powerful. Parents can be unaware of the strength of these relationships. They can be very positive and good for the well-being of both child and cat.



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Cat Reunited with Boy

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Dec 25, 2011
by: Ruth

Thanks for sharing this touching video Michael. The joy on that little boy’s face said it all, bless him.
Yes how much nicer if the parents had just stood quietly by but they did sound pleased the cat was safely home.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Dec 25, 2011
by: Barbara

How lovely to see the little boy’s genuine emotion at finding his cat safely home, phew yes his mum and dad went to town!

Barbara avatar

Dec 24, 2011
Saw this and cried
by: Leah England

Michael when I saw this I cried and what you say is so true. My nephew is nearly six and he adores he 8 month old cat Chip. They play together all the time and although Chip is often too rough my nephew strokes him gently when Chip is falling asleep and kisses his head.

Its so obvious they love one another.

There is a present under the tree for Chip from My Nephew and one for my Nephew from Chip.

They will have a lovely Christmas togeather.

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