Cat reunited with family 17 days after he escaped from West Sussex cattery

Thanks to the UK’s largest missing pet organization and free database, a cat who disappeared from a Horsham, West Sussex cattery while his owners were away has been reunited with his family 17 days after he escaped.

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Boysie reunited after escaping cattery (

Boysie was able to escape an open window at the cattery. A search team was unable to find Boysie so they turned to Animal Search UK for help. Tom Watkins, a former police officer, went on a 344 mile round trip to Horsham to search for the lost kitty.

This isn’t a typical case where a cat disappears close to home. Boysie was lost from an unfamiliar place with little chance of knowing which way home was. Tom and his team made inquiries and went door to door to search, as well as to raise awareness a lost cat was in the neighborhood.

Boysie was trapped on March 18, 17 days after he went missing. The was lured into the trap with food in the area of his disappearance. When the trap was checked later in the day they found Boysie inside. He’s been reunited with the cattery, his rescuer and his family.

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No information is available of the name of the cattery or Boysie’s owners.

Source 1. The Animal Search UK website can be found here.

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