Cat rides pillion without any safety devices on motor bike in Thailand

This gives me the heebie-jeebies. It terrifies me. Yet the cat’s owner who is driving the motor scooter (moped) seems quite content with idea of having his black-and-white cat ride pillion without any safety devices or mechanism to keep him on the bike.

It would appear that the only thing keeping the cat on the bike is his claws grabbing his owner’s shirt. I see there appears to be a string or something around the cat but it would seem to serve no practical purposes. All is well as the bike proceedings along the road in a nice straight line and at steady speed. But what would happen if the driver had to stop quickly or swerve to avoid a pedestrian or another vehicle?

The cat would most likely fall off onto the road where, of course, he/she would risk being killed or severely injured. Someone will find the video amusing. I find it more scary and worrying.

An internet wag wrote:

‘The cat isn’t wearing a helmet. Definitely illegal’.

Yes, there is an amusing side to the video. I can see that clearly but for me my anxiety dampens down my amusement.

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  1. For some reason I can’t view this video, but I’ve seen such before and as usual I agree with Michael. I recall a guy in the U.S. who rode with his cat who wore his own black jacket, helmet and goggles. The cat seemed to be safely “attached” to the back of the man’s leather jacket via it’s claws and very happy to be there. They appeared to be a popular sight as there were many onlookers, and the man drove cautiously. I think it’s amusing as heck, but not if the animal is likely in danger. I especially liked the goggles as that is obviously thoughtful and appreciated by the cat. I’ve tried riding a motorcycle without eye protection and you can’t do it for long or fast enough to keep up with traffic.

    • Hi Albert. I am pleased you agree with me. A lot of people just find it amusing which tells me that a lot of people don’t have the same attitude towards animals.

  2. Just a little humor to lighten the mood. 🙂

    As is true to cat behavior, at the first hint of discomfort, the cat will make hamburger out of the back of the driver.

  3. Cats, dogs, it’s not unusual to see three or even four people on a motorbike with no helmets. Some dogs even stay on the motorbike whilst the rider goes shopping.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’d like to know how many cats and dogs fall off. There just seems to be a more casual attitude to safety in Thailand but perhaps the cats and dogs are safe. It just looks dangerous.


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