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  3. This is a first for me.

    I have a case of ringworm on my left butt cheek.
    I felt a small itch and felt a patch that is very familiar to me.

    I tried to get focus in numerous mirrors, ie. full length, compact, etc. but couldn’t actually see it until I climbed atop the bathroom cabinet and looked in that mirror with full lights blazing.

    I’ve had multiple cases of ringworm throughout my life on my chest, face, thighs, etc but never on my butt.

    I have no explanation as to how this could be.

    Any ideas?

    • Cats, cats, cats. It has taken me 6 months to get a patch of ringworm off my lower right leg using an anti-fungal cream. I think it can come up anywhere. It does not have to have contact at the place where it shows.

      • See, I didn’t really know that it can show up in places of no contact. I had always thought that direct contact was the key to location. I learn something new every day.

        Good. I was groping for an answer as to why my butt was affected. I was guessing that sleeping in the raw was how it happened, that perhaps one of my cat bed partners snuggled there. They can be such perverts! LOL!

        • I am sort of half guessing that it can show up in a place where there is no direct contact. I am not 100% sure but none of the information websites say the infection shows where contact was made. I think the symptoms are more likely to show where contact is made but it is not obligatory. Transmission can also be via objects (items).

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