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Cat roof-crashes the Olympic Games in Sochi — 14 Comments

  1. Michael,

    Awwww too bad the video was removed since that YouTube account was terminated. I wonder what the reasoning was for that decision.

  2. What I have been left wondering, day after day, is how many are still being “cared” for, with Ingestible, inticing food laced with POISON…since Michael first alerted us to these horrid crimes, I have focused on this, rather than on my downhill schlussers. I have to interrupt my Olympic-loving friends to remind them of what these ferals and half-ferals, and nonferals have suffered due to Putin’s et al government in Sochi. I am not impressed.

    That poor kitten/cat was most likely disoriented and hungry and ill.

      • Yes, Michael. I agree 100%. This cat [my point] probably did NOT escape being affected by the poison. This was in the news in Sochi, right? Do we all know how that cat is doing? (thanks for replying. hope that Charlie is doing well 🙂 )

      • Thanks, Michael. That link to your original concern, says it all. This is what apparently goes on in every country that feels self-conscious about their gov’t.

        • I forget to state the obvious: the need to obliterate anyone [translated: cats and dogs and homeless people] who take up space in the public (mind’s) eye when we have more important agenda.

  3. It looks like pretty shoddy construction to me.
    Truthfully, I hope the cat wasn’t found for its own sake.
    I don’t think anything humane would have been done with him.

  4. I think the black cat was getting back at the powers that be for slaughtering so many of its kind in order to build the place. Good going kitty! I hope you are well.

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