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Cat routinely spends 6 weeks away from home and takes train — 25 Comments

  1. Please be assured my cousin and her partner are doing everything they can to look after Jasper and to tame his travelling. You have no idea how worried the whole family were! They are concerned about what Jasper gets up to but cats also need freedom.

    He has a kind and loving home and a not so adventurous brother!

    • Thanks, Ruth, for commenting. I am pleased that there is real concern for Jasper. I just hope he isn’t allowed to get into what are probably dangerous situations all the time. Going outside is fine but to get on a train! That is something else.

  2. I’m worried about that cat I do believe in them having freedom but that woman is irresponsible wouldn’t you think the RSPCA would advise her it’s dangerous.

    • You are right Rose, looking again at this part of the animal welfare act:
      ‘To be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease’
      Allowing Jasper to go off on trains for 6 weeks at a time isn’t protecting him from injury!

  3. Apoplogize for drifting from the topic of cats . This is a photo i took in Phnom Penh of a Australian Cambodian gentleman Mr Ben who travels around with his dog seated on the front of his Honda motorbike. It was the first time in my life that i saw such a scene in real life, normally seen in “Gimmick movies & T.V”.

    • There was a New Zealand man who trtavelled with his black cat on a motorcycle – famous – got hit by a car and both killed instantly.

      I think Jasper is also having a nice time but I am nonetheless worried he will die at any moment – it makes me sad.

    • I like that animals can enjoy adventures like this dog.
      But, Jasper isn’t accompanied by his human. He’s on his own. That’s way too crazy and scary to me.

  4. Pls don’t misinterpret. What he does is wonderful, and he is such an internet/tv presence, he would be ideal! I respect him highly. 🙂

  5. Since this is so much “fun,” why doesn’t the media [and Steph] contact Mr. Jackson Galaxy to assess why Jasper is doing this? It needs to be addressed pronto! for Jasper’s well-being.

    • I think I can tell you why Jasper is doing it. He is exercising his desire to roam in what he considers to be his range (home range). He does not understand the concept of train and bus travel which transports him to different places. He is just entering a different place with people. Jasper does not know that it is a train that moves.

      I am sure he gets picked up and taken home etc. It is just not feasible.

  6. One day Jasper will go missing for good or have an accident, it’s just waiting to happen. I’d be out of my mind with worry if one of our boyz went off for 6 hours, never mind 6 weeks.

    • You’re right, he has been lucky. It will run out. There is no way I could live with that uncertainty day in and day out. It surprises me that his owner seems so relaxed about it. It annoys me a bit that Jasper and his owner are being made celebrities.

      • I expect it gives people who think cats should be always kept strictly indoors nightmares reading about Jasper.

  7. This cat spends 6 weeks just riding trains?
    What prevents him from getting off in some unknown area?
    This is insane!

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