Cat runs around the field at Yankee Stadium to the delight of the fans

The briefest of summaries in an audio file from the npr website! I’ve got lazy but it is quite nice to hear an audio file. It is downloable and therefore uploadable on a third-party website. You can read about this story by clicking on this link: Macho baseball players can’t catch a cat on their field of play. It opens a new tab or page so you stay here too.

My summary:a cat from outside the stadium gets inside and it happens to be during a game. The cat was scared but the fans were amused and delighted. Maybe 10 people tried to catch the cat without success. The looked panicked. Eventually the cat dives through a gate which was opened allowing her to get off the field and into the stands where I hope she was captured or she was able to make her way to the outside and her ‘home’ on the basis that she is a stray cat. I hope she was okay. It would be nice to think that she has a human home to go to and makes it back.

Here are the macho men and the tabby cat:

Here is a tweet (tweets disappear eventually as Twitter deletes stuff or the twitterer removes it. It will probably stop working some day and when it happens, I apologise but I can’t control it.


3 thoughts on “Cat runs around the field at Yankee Stadium to the delight of the fans”

  1. All stadiums have cats. While some deny it. With all the food sold in the stadiums if it weren’t for the cats rats would be crawling on people. They do feed the cats and the cats kill the rats. Even my well fed cats kill rats and mice and snakes.
    MetLife black cat among 300 feral felines living inside stadium, employees keep them fed: report


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