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Cat runs like an ostrich

Cat runs like an ostrich

This super cute, two legged cat has compensated brilliantly. It is so impressive. I think she is female. Her back muscles have become incredibly strong to the point where she holds her body at various angles effortlessly. She then runs away from her sleepy bulldog companion like an ostrich. It is astonishing. Her balance is impeccable. This is to be expected as domestic cats have superb balance which is a reason why they are skilled climbers. They’ve evolved to climb and tiptoe along precarious ledges fearlessly with confidence.

The video does not format properly when embedded which is very suprising. I may be a deliberate defect to get people to link to the video which you can do by clicking on the link below:


SOME MORE ON DISABLED CATS – people are sensitive about how we describe disabled cats. The word ‘disabled’ is perhaps not the best but it is commonly used. Perhaps ‘challenged’ is better. The important point is that cats don’t know or don’t care that they are challenged by the loss of a limb or limbs. They just get on with it. There is no feeling of bad luck or low self-esteem. These are very much human feelings under these circumstances which is why I am always very impressed by how cats deal with these challenges.

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