Cat Saliva in Human Vaccines

There is a cat in this story but only just! It is interesting nonetheless.

An American doctor (for humans) of Asian heritage, Dr. Ming Te Lin, had devised and manufactured his own vaccines some of which contained the ingredient of cat saliva and vodka! He surgery, we are told, was a bit of a mess and unsterilised.

Dr. Ming Te Lin
Dr. Ming Te Lin
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Needless to say his vaccines, which he had been administering for ten years, were not FDA approved.

These vaccines were mainly or exclusively paediatric shots – vaccines for kids and toddlers.

Dr Lin harvested the cat saliva with a swab from a cat’s mouth. This particular vaccine was used for patients with allergies we are told.

The vaccines were administered in oral or nasal form for patients with autism, neurological disorders or eczema.

Go figure that. There is a hearing before the Medical Disciplinary Board in October.

The obvious question is: “Were his vaccines effective?” Perhaps he invented something new and useful.

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