Cat sanctuary manager drives a Porsche and was charged with DUI

I didn’t think that a cat sanctuary owner had enough money to buy a Porsche. And then it surprised me to read that he was five times over the legal limit while driving it. He was prosecuted for driving under the influence, DUI (drink-driving in the UK) and banned from driving for 33 months and handed down a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

In his defence it was said that he had suffered a lot of personal difficulties recently and that he had a drink problem – no surprise there. He had suffered a ‘mini-breakdown’ (his barrister’s defence in court). He is the carer for his partner and father-in-law. This was the source of stress. It was quite obvious that he was drunk and he was reported to police by people who observed him. He was nicked (arrested) in his front drive with the engine running. His speech was slurred.

“He just had a mini breakdown and didn’t really care and wasn’t putting any thought process in place.”

The interesting aspect of this story is, as mentioned, that he runs a cat sanctuary which by the way is unregistered, owns a Porsche and was prosecuted for DUI.

The guy’s name is David Davies, 37. The place: UK. It was reported in the

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