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Cat sanctuary sues for return of cat because client took cat out on leash — 11 Comments

  1. Just a quick update on this case: The Odd Cat Sanctuary posted on their Facebook page earlier today (January 11) that they are not taking any further legal action.

  2. Once an animal is adopted it is owned by the new owner. The previous party has NO RIGHTS LEGALLY. NONE. If the animal was abused then the town would need to be alerted. However taking the pet outside is in this women’s right even if Tara doesn’t want to allow her own cats outside.

    This is harassment! I can’t imagine what kind of crazy this women is but she is doing more harm than good. Her attempt at controlling others is actually going to prevent cats at her shelter from being adopted.

    Really–Tara– you are WAY OFF BASE.

    • Thanks for your input Anonymous. The lawyers agreed that the contract was almost unenforceable i.e. it was unworkable. On a strict reading of it, it gave the rescue center a hold over the owner and the cat which was unreasonable.

  3. I volunteered my time last year for Tara & Odd Cat, taking pictures of the cats they had up for adoption at Petsmart in Peabody & I was also going to be taking some pictures of her own rescue, Smores. For the almost 3 hours we were inside Petsmart on that chilly February day while I took those pictures, Smores was waiting outside to be photographed in Tara’s car. When I asked about it, she cited Smore’s special needs as to why. I didn’t press it but Smores is a teeny little bit of a thing. I find it unfathomable that Tara left cat in her cat for almost 3 hours that day yet she’s got the nerve to hire a lawyer to sue this woman who obviously loves Muse & is committed to giving him his best life to reclaim him for making what I see as a mistake. Tara should rethink her position.

    • Thanks a lot Anonymous for sharing your first hand experience. Suing anyone is best to be avoided but under these circumstances it was clearly the wrong move because Pamela is a good (probably excellent) cat guardian. Muse had a good home.

  4. Rather than ‘a strict contract strictly applied’, it should read ‘an illegal and unenforceable contract stupidly applied’.

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