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Cat sanctuary black cat. See below for details - photo by fofurasfelinas (Flickr)

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Cat sanctuary black cat. See below for details - photo by fofurasfelinas (Flickr)

This is a collage of two photographs of a cat sanctuary in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. This town is at the intersection of the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The photographs are by the well known and brilliant photographer fofurasfelinas, Giane Portal. Giane combines her love of photography and cats to create the best cat photographs on Flickr.

This special cat sanctuary houses 300 cats and this is their forever home as the sanctuary has adopted them. They don’t need rescuing! And I can see why. The limit for the sanctuary is 300 and it has been reached apparently.

Three outstanding thoughts come to me when looking at these photographs….

collage of two photos of cats in a sanctuary in Brazil

1. The colours are bright and the coat colours and patterns of the cats look in keeping with the overall colour scheme – purely a visual, aesthetic thing.

2. Does the variety of cat coat types in these very interesting pictures tell us anything about the most typical cat types in Brazil? Perhaps not but this is a pretty good cross section.

3. It shows how well the so called solitary cat can adapt to getting along with many other cats (and humans, lets not forget). The domestic cat is very adaptable.

Just out of interest I counted the coat types and the result is tabled below (did I get it wrong? – it is quite an interesting test to count them). I counted from both photographs so there may be some overlap but this is not a scientific test:

Coat typeNumber
Tabby and White7
Black and White1
Ginger (red) see yellow cat & yellow tabby cats & orange Persian cat6
Tortoiseshell(black) & black tortoiseshell1
Siamese (or pointed)5
See Cat Color and Patterns

This is not a comprehensive list but two things jump out. In these photographs, black cats are by far the most numerous and there are also a relatively high number of Siamese cats or pointed cats and they look like they could be purebred Siamese. There may have been a single source of rescue in regard to the pointed cats as these don’t look like rescue cats.

So, are black cats the most common on the planet? Not sure but I have two! Well one is black and white. What is also interesting is that black cats are the least popular, probably because of the historical association with witchcraft and superstition, which is still alive.

I don’t see any statistics on the most common cat coat types world wide but simply judging by experience I would say the most common cat coats are:

  1. tabby and white
  2. tabby
  3. black and white  (see Tuxedo cats)
  4. black

 Iguaçu Falls

Photo above by Miriam Cardoso de Souza - " BIENAL PB CXS SUL/2010

Foz do Iguaçu, is known for the Iguaçu Falls, which has a flow capacity equal to three times that of Niagara Falls.

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If you want to donate to the sanctuary I would recommend that you contact Giane Portal through her Flickr home page.

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Feb 03, 2011 About the Sanctuary
by: Giane Portal

Thanks for your comments and Michael, thanks a lot for posting.

Unfortunatelly, the situation here is Brazil for cats and dogs is terrible. Lot's of people abandon them and don't spay and neuter them. Basicaly all the cats are rescues, and yes, there are pure breed ones. People abandon them too. Some were abandoned by their former families, some were feral and found on the streets. They have plenty space there, super premium food, vet care, and yes, indeed, they live peacefully with each other, it's just amazing.

I'm going to visit them again this month and I promisse lot's of new cat pics!

Jan 27, 2010 Santuary
by: Julie,Alhambra, IL.USA

What a wonderful place. Ruth is right, I love all of them too! They look healthy and well cared for. The photo's are excellant. I love the natural colors and settings. My ferals are little hams when it comes to the camera.They pose!It is getting tougher to get candid shots.
Our Japanese exchange student lives in Tokyo now and she said they have a place like a store where people who live in apartments; who can not have pets, can go and pet cats and interact with them.It is always crowded.
It is good to hear about Brazil and Japan and the positive creative ways for solving proublems. I am still up set that Austrailia has more negitive than positive solutions. Those wonderful wild ferals need some santuaries like Brazil!God Bless the caregivers andvisionaries who set an example for us all!

Jan 26, 2010 im grateful
by: kathy

Im so grateful for these kind of places in the world. The other night we were watching a war movie of some kind and every now and then they would show some poor wounded cat in some of the frames. Very upsetting that animals have to suffer from mankinds arguments with each other.

Jan 25, 2010 So many cats !
by: Ruth

Thanks for this Michael, it's very interesting and the photos are lovely, so many gorgeous cats !I'm glad they have somewhere to live happily, but it's terrible to think of 300 cats cast out or abandoned by their original ownwers.That's 300 in that Sanctuary alone it happened to and there are many more Sanctuaries with numerous cats too.
I don't understand how people can part with their cats,ours are part of our family,it would be unthinkable not to love and look after them for their whole lifetime.
I didn't count the colours, I'll take your word for that lol
To me all cats are beautiful, whatever shape,size,breed or colour, I just love them all.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 24, 2010 Very entertaining....
by: Dorothy

Thanks Michael. As usual, your piece is both interesting, colorful and educational. What a great spot to grow old and live out your life! I hope I am so lucky!


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