Cat savaged by 2 dogs makes muffins when petted

NEWS AND COMMENT-PHILADELPHIA: I want to focus on the good part of this unpleasant story. It is a story of good and bad, of goodness and evil. I see it as a paradigm example of animal cruelty in which on the one hand you have the young male perpetrators who arguably didn’t really know what they were doing because of a lack of education and proper parenting, and on the other hand your average American citizens who have expressed great sympathy and love for Buddy, the cat who was critically injured by two dogs set upon him.

Buddy making muffins while petted despite his injuries
Buddy making muffins while petted despite his injuries. Screenshot.
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There has been a great outpouring of love for Buddy, the black cat who was severely hurt by two Pitbull-type dogs set upon him by their owners, two juveniles aged 17 and 12. The focus of this article is Buddy who despite his critical injuries makes muffins when petted at the SPCA shelter.

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Love and prayers for Buddy
Love and prayers for Buddy. Screenshot of FB post.

When cats make muffins, they outstretch their toes and draw them in. This is the kneading behaviour of kittens when being nursed by their mother. It is intended to express milk from their mother’s breast. They carry this forward to their relationship with their human caregiver. So, when Buddy is being petted, he relates to the person petting him as his mother and he feels reassured. People can interpret this as a feline thank you for reassurances received.

It indicates that Buddy is likely to survive as his spirits are not down. It also indicates that he has a stoicism and a beauty of character which has touched the hearts and minds of the American citizens who have read the story.

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This is the good side of things. Your typical American citizen who pours out their heart in their love of Buddy, an innocent animal hurt by two mindless juveniles. And they open their wallets to help the animal charity to make him better.

Philadelphia SPCA say that tens of thousand dollars in donations have poured in to help Buddy since they reported the attack. They said,

“The outpouring has been nothing short of amazing. We have seen donations from Scotland, India, Australia, and so many places across the country. The love is immense for this sweet boy. The notes are pouring in. He is so loved”

The above post comes from Gillian Kocher of the SPCA in an email.

I will now briefly touch on the alleged crime that took place that caused Buddy’s injuries. I have written about it in a previous article, so you can read that if you like – click the link below:

Two young American guys sicced their Pitbull-type dogs on a black cat

Essentially, a home security camera picked up two juveniles walking past the front porch of a house in Philadelphia with their Pitbull-type dogs. They saw Buddy sitting in the sun on the porch and set their dogs upon him. Buddy was savaged and critically injured. It was an unprovoked, callous attack. One of them laughed during the attack and allegedly the security camera video shows that they deliberately set their dogs upon him.

Here is the FB post:

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The juveniles have given themselves up to law enforcement perhaps with the encouragement of their parents and they will be dealt with as juveniles. They will probably receive animal cruelty charges and at the end of the day also receive lesser sentences because they will be punished as juveniles.

The general tenor of the comments on Facebook is one of suppressed anger by your typical American citizen who wants to see them charged as adults and punished as adults because they are so incensed with the callousness and senselessness of this alleged crime.

But through it all, Buddy’s sweet character and stoic spirit shines through.

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