Cat says ‘hello, are you coming?’

Cat says 'are you coming?'
Cat says ‘are you coming?’ – screenshot from video.
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A video went viral on Tik Tok a video-sharing social networking service. It purporedly shows a black domestic cat saying ‘hello are you coming?’ to her human companion. He is astonished. It is nice and charming but it is not a cat speaking in human English 🙂 . Let’s get that clear. Domestic cats produce many variations on the standard meow and other sounds. The spectrum of sounds is huge and often very individualistic. Domestic cats don’t just meow, purr, hiss, yowl and caterwaul. The variations normally concern close communication situations typically when communicating with their human guardian. These modifications to domestic cat sounds may be a result of the human-cat relationship i.e. cats have adapted and learned to live in the human environment. For instance the meow is a cat-to-human close communication and a request for something normally food or to be picked up or some other personal request. Scientists tend to call ‘cat sounds’, ‘feline vocalisations’.

P.S. I have not embedded the video because often these are deleted by YouTube which means they fail on this site. Also an audio file focuses the mind.

3 thoughts on “Cat says ‘hello, are you coming?’”

  1. Mike not sure if all the people are telling the truth but it’s a funny video. Almost 10 minutes of laughs
    The Best “I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments That Have Ever Happened To Humans.

  2. I heard hello are you coming! LOL My very favorite video is a black cat on the window sill looking out and it is barking until it see’s his human and then it stops barking and meow’s! I wonder if the cat was barking at a dog?


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