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Cat scan photo making the rounds again on social media — 4 Comments

  1. That poor cat. Madison is a small city, but near the campus there is a lot of traffic and noise. Everytime the cat is dragged into the library to be photocopied it has to be terrified the whole time, not just during the “scan.” Plus the danger to the cat. They have to sneak the cat in– what if he gets out of the bag they have him stuffed into? He would get hit by a car or quickly lost in what is a crowded urban area.

    In defense of Wisconsinites, my friend Don lives in Madison and he is the best cat caretaker ever. He really understands cats, knows how to think like a cat in order to figure out what they need and like. He’s gentle and quiet around them. He’s taught me a lot of things about cats. He treats his cats like royalty. He keeps them safe, allowing access to the sights, sounds and smells of the outside supervised on a second story porch, but not allowing them to roam in the city. Any cat lucky enough to live with Don has a wonderful forever home.

    He works at the campus. I’ll tell him about this story so he can keep his eyes and ears open, maybe find out who is doing this.

  2. This is animal cruelty, and the people that do it may or may not realize the danger, but don’t care.

    I’d report anyone who’s doing this, although I doubt if they’d get punished by the law, considering even more serious offenses that don’t.

    • I don’t they do realise it. The people who do this sort of thing don’t have the sensitivity towards a cat’s emotions and welfare that proper cat caretakers have. It would cross the mind of a good caretaker to do this sort of stunt.

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