Cat Scratch Wall Art

cat scratch wall art

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Cat scratch wall art is art that a cat can use as a scratching post – neat. It is both attractive as art and a functional object as well. When I first heard the phrase I thought that it might also refer to the scratches made by a cat on a wall that creates artistic shapes or art! A cat’s claws are not only essential to the cat, a fundamental part of the cat, they can create art that is genuinely admired because, as it happens, there is a cat called Henry who creates art by scratching on a carpet that is attached to the wall. This is also called “cat fiber art“.

cat fiber art

OK, Henry’s work has a certain random nature about it – call it abstract art….:-) But as we know a lot of human artists create abstract art. And what about so called conceptual art – impossible to fathom and it can be anything.

Back to cat scratch wall art. You can’t buy these on Amazon. But you can buy them here: Cat Scratch Wall Art. I am not sure how permanent this link will be.

How effective do you think they might be? They are a cat scratching post stuck to a wall. They are smaller than a cat scratching post. My assessment is that they would be less effective than a cat scratching post as they have a less natural appearance and do not subsitute a tree, which outside is a natural cat scratching post.

That said, a cat can be gently trained to use one. There is a selection of inserts for colour matching and replacement. The size is: H .75″ L 9″ W 9″.

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