Cat Sculpture by Grayson Perry

This is a photograph of Grayson Perry’s sculpture of a cat which he has uploaded to Twitter hours ago. I have no idea what it signifies if anything. It is grand and important. There appears to be a very large Asian influence. It is easy to see a Thai temple cat influence and the Burmese and Indonesian temple cats are very similar too. I liken the ornate lumps on the ‘skin’ to barnacles on a boat! Not sure if that is an appropriate description.

Grayson Perry cat sculpture
Grayson Perry cat sculpture. Photo: Grayson Perry.
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Thai temple lion

Thai temple lion sculpture
Thai temple lion sculpture. Photo: Public domain.

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry is an important English contemporary artist. He likes to dress as a cute girly woman. He is also a broadcaster and writer. He’s famous for his fabulous ceramic vases.

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