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Cat Self-Mutilation: A Lesson — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Michael__ Two of them are given dexamethazone and benadryl three times per week or when needed + regular skin treatments using lidocaine with natural flea repellants. I do rub cocoanut cream on my larger cat because this soothes her skin and helps condition her fur.They eat as natural a diet as I can give them. This week they have all been indoors to avoid any more free riders; while I treat a mild flea infestation I have almost pinpointed to my husbands computer/junk room.It sounds rather urgent’ but any flea bite drives my allergic cats nuts.Only two of my four have allergies.
    An ongoing battle with an end in site ?

    • I am not sure what antihistamine was used Eva. Sorry. It was a one-off injection given by the vet. I hope you can solve the mild dermatitis problem.

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