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Cat Shelter Owner Frustrated with Cat Owners — 10 Comments

  1. Once again it is down to a minority of people who act irresponsibly with respect to cat ownership(quote from article)

    This has been my point for years. If you have a large segment of the population opting for s/n on a voluntary basis to stop pet overpopulation it takes only a few irresponsible ones to undo all the good.

    • More lies from cat-owners. Where is that vast majority of responsible cat-owners telling all the others that those who let cats roam free are inhumane and irresponsible?

      The VAST majority of all cat-owners EVERYWHERE are clamouring to find ways to be even more irresponsible than ever before. That’s why we have this problem as a worldwide ecological and social disaster now. Don’t try to piss on my shoes and then tell me it’s raining.


      • Your comment is insulting which is unacceptable here. You username is arrogant and indicates a closed mind. I have always found that cat haters are arrogant and justify their viewpoints with arguments and facts which are conveniently distorted to suit.

  2. “This is where I think the local authority should step in. There’s no reason why they can’t make a small donation at the very least because she is serving the community.”

    All other pet-owners on the planet take full responsibility and costs for their own kind of pet that they want to keep. It sounds like you are finally admitting that cat-owners are so incredibly irresponsible that they want everyone else to pay to clean up the messes that they make. I say cat-owners should instead be fined 10-times the amount that any other pet-owner would have to pay for an infraction of the required responsibilities that every other pet-owner abides by. Then maybe you’ll all learn.

    If not then they should make the ownership and production of cats completely illegal in every country of the world if you can’t learn to be responsible pet owners. Even now, by your very own comments, you want everyone else to act responsibly for your own vermin cats where you will not. That alone is good enough reason to make all cats illegal in every country on the planet and take them from you and kill them all. Then you’ll learn. It’s headed that way, and you’re greatly helping to make it so.

    Where’s your massive donation to help this woman? Or do you just expect everyone else to clean-up the messes that your own words and (in)actions create.

    • I have given over $5,000 USD to cat shelters over the years. That’s my financial contribution. Plus this website educates. You personally need educating on politeness and you also need a course on anger management. Any more comments from you must be polite and less aggressive else they’ll be deleted and you will be banned.

    • “That alone is good enough reason to make all cats illegal in every country on the planet and take them from you and kill them all. Then you’ll learn. It’s headed that way, and you’re greatly helping to make it so.”

      I cannot read this without commenting. The above statement is horrifying, cruel and inhumane. Fed-Up-With-Fools is obviously a cat hater. This subhuman admonishes responsible pet ownership, then deviates by narrowing the criticism to target “vermin cats,” not pets in the broader sense. Why bother to post condemnatory comments which are seething with hatred and no help to anyone? More importantly, punishing precious kitty souls by taking their lives will not solve any problems.

      The idea of everyone donating one dollar a week is an excellent idea. If more people chose to do this in support of the rescue groups they follow, then the animal rescuers could accomplish many more of their goals.

      In addition, your website is a positive force for education, general knowldge and discussion, with a touch of humor thrown in, Michael. I look forward to reading your topics.

      • This man is a troll and he has been banned. I am sorry you had to ‘meet’ him in these comments. Trolls like to come to this site to try and stir up trouble.

    • Has anyone asked you for money. You choose to read a blog dedicated to the welfare and care of felines and then act aghast that someone is asking for donations to help their cause.

      • This person (an arrogant cat hater and hater of cat lovers it seems) has been banned. If his comments improve I might publish but it is unlikely.

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