Cat shelter turns away three-month-old rescue cat because he can survive on the street

This is a cat rescue made in heaven except for one part of it. It’s one of those moments when everything gels and this is a beautiful little cat who will make a wonderful companion. He has been named Popeye by the way.

Popeye and Jason - on the way home?
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Popeye and Jason – on the way home? Photo: Jason Belisha.

It all began when Jason Belisha’s car broke down in a parking lot. He heard a desperate meow from a stray cat and couldn’t ignore it. He found the little fella under the car next to his, soaking wet. The little guy approached him and rubbed against him. He was clearly a domestic cat and eager for attention. He wanted and needed to be rescued but it didn’t fit in with Jason’s plans that day.

However, he had two minds about it because he thought that, “This must be happening for a reason”. And he reminded himself that if he was a homeless kitten he would want someone to rescue him.

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So he scooped up the little fella and explained to the car rental company that he needed the car for a few more hours to allow him to drive to a local animal shelter.

Shelter turns away rescue cat because of age

The local shelter’s response surprises me. They said that since the cat is older than three months of age they would put him back on the street where Jason found him because he could probably survive on his own. That was not the response that Jason was looking for. It appears to be a tacit admission that Popeye would have been euthanised. At least they were honest.

He rejected the advice and took Popeye home in a carry case provided by the animal shelter. But he kept on screaming for Jason’s attention until the held him in his arms when he kept quiet.

Popeye and Jason - great couple!

Popeye and Jason – great couple! Photo: Jason Belisha

Belisha picked up his own car and returned home with Popeye who immediately used the litter box and made friends with his dog, a corgi, called Goose. They quickly became best friends which is amazing and very satisfying.

Belisha assesses his lifestyle

Popeye quickly became accustomed to his new home and was settling down into his new life. However, Belisha, in an honest assessment of its lifestyle, realised that he was not best placed to look after Popeye. His work life is hectic as a musician and a photographer. He realise that he couldn’t give his kitten the care and attention that he needed and deserved.

He decided to find someone who could do it and one of his dear friends reached out and said that she had a place for him. He took the opportunity and took him over before he became too attached.

Popeye is now happily settled in his new home with a person whose lifestyle suits him. Belisha said that he will miss Popeye a lot but he will always be close as his friend lives quite close by. And he gets videos all the time so he knows how he’s doing.

Source: The Dodo.

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  1. Jane says:

    Such good cat people! The world needs more of ’em.

    I think you are right about the rescue sugaring the death message, it saved Popeye’s life. A clever tactic, if a bit risky.

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