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Cat Shelter Volunteers Deserve Praise — 8 Comments

  1. They deserve all the praise and love, as what they are doing what i hope to do once the spca down here has been set up. i want so much to volunteer to give back to community of cats. Thankfully i want be able to adopt any as thats the conditions. To give back to love to injured cats is a great thing.

  2. I very much admire Shelter volunteers too and there are thousands of them who are unsung heros/heroines.
    I admire anyone at all who helps cats and there are many ways to help them. Everyone can’t be ‘at the front line’
    Michael you do sterling work with this website and have brought many cat lovers together through it too.
    We have some wonderful people here who help cats in various ways!
    In our own little town we have many kind people, it’s quite a poor area but they are very generous in taking in to Babz what they can, to help our Sanctuaries.
    Some give food, some give bedding, it’s wonderful to be part of a community who help in any way, however small, it all adds up.

  3. Such a nice article, Michael.
    There isn’t enough thanks for people like that. It must be so gratifying for them to know they are doing such good.
    I’m so hurt that we have so many kill shelter volunteers and often wonder why they are there and how they can stand it day after day. I would love to interview one myself just to find out. I sort of did that with an animal control officer one time, and it was so sad. He told me that he entered the job thinking that he could really help animals…

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