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Cat shooting at Christian chapel exposes ungodly behavior — 18 Comments

  1. I think the church would have been better off by either covering or removing the sand out. I’m sure it would have been cheaper in the long run, especially after this publicity.

    Cats are cats and prefer to use soft soil for their toiletries. If you don’t want a giant litterbox, don’t have a giant sand box outside. That’s what cats think about it and that is why children’s sandboxes now come with covers. DUH! The

    • Neat idea Cat’s Meow. They could have taken proactive steps to protect the sand. That would have avoided this distress.

    • What a great idea! I guess all the hotels and resorts in Miami should have covered-up all the beaches there when a few years back all the stray cats were spreading hookworm in all the beaches and ruined everyone’s vacations and businesses. What a simple and inexpensive solution!

      • Don’t be stupid. You are being deliberately idiotic and facetious. Covering a sandpit is not the same as covering a beach! Really, spare me your idiocy.

  2. People like that give Christianity a very bad name. God gave us animals. It is our duty to care for them, not murder them in traps.

      • Do Christians relate to animals well? I think we probably reflect much of society’s norms when it comes to animals. There are people who don’t care for animals on one end of the spectrum, and Christians like me who dote on them and are sometimes animal activists. One big difference is that we are commanded in God’s word to be good stewards of the Earth, including animals. There are also a fair number of Bible verses that admonish us to care for animals. I believe people like that custodian and those to do even worse things to animals will have to answer to God one day. I will too, for all I have done. But those who have mistreated animals I’m sure will be dealt with in God’s own way. I don’t think it will be pleasant.

        • I tend to agree with you. We are commanded to care for God’s creatures, even when they anger us.

          We all will stand before God one day. I am extremely thankful that I will only be standing in my shoes and not an animal abuser’s.

  3. The church is apologizing after murdering pets. I doubt there has been just one. The person shooting the cats was acting in full knowledge of the pastor. They should all be charged with animal abuse. I feel like some are looking to give this so called church a pass, why? Because it’s a church. They posted an outright admission of a crime online and a decent DA would take it and run with it.

    • Agreed. I feel that (1) being a church they got off lightly and (2) the maintenance guy who shot the cat has the wrong attitude and he won’t change therefore he should go. In fact he should be sacked for gross misconduct ( a crime is automatically gross misconduct).

        • That will never happen. Remember,priests have gotten away with child sexual abuse, with no consequences except being moved around.

          Religious/spiritual leaders of all sects/cults have gotten away with evil deeds from the beginning, and I don’t think that will change.

          • This sad case of a church being involved in the murder of cats and getting away with it, just adds to the body of evidence that religion is not a force for good, it is too often used as a licence to abuse vulnerable cats, humans or any species, with impunity.

            • A life of seeing animals abused and hearing about why it was excusable has always come from someone who professes a religion.
              I understand the frustration of stray and non-managed pets that in itself does not give anyone the right to abuse them. In fact it is used at every turn to start wars, genocides and the subjection of women as all major religions see women as somewhat less than men. Aside from true looking for a word other that whack-job but can’t find it when referring to N Korea it’s hard to find conflict in the world today that does not have religion at the center of it. My in laws are all fundamental(ly ill) Baptists and have no reguard whatsoever for animals or anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their personal nuttery. You cannot reason with this type of person because they truly believe their way is the only way. Well how’d that work out for them this time.
              I don’t think anyone disagrees there is a feral cat issue. A simple motion activated sprinkler system around the sand pit or sonic deterrents would have solved most of their problems. Instead they took the caveman route and figuratively just start whacking the problem with clubs.
              Did they notify every house in the neighborhood about the issue and ask them to keep pets at home ? When caught in a live trap they should have called AC or fish and game to take care of or dispose of the pest animal.
              What have they done or did they do to mitigate the church yard from being attractive to so many feral cats and raccoons? I doubt it was just the sand pit.
              We don’t kill people or animals that trespass on our property unless threatened. That means that you or your livestock is in eminent danger of being harmed at that moment. We are civilized and there are government and private rescues that can help. In almost all cases self-help is illegal.
              And if anyone still thinks it’s ok to let your pet roam after reading what this church did to a pet cat you have holes in your head.

                • I really hate when i go back and read a longer post that I wrote in segments. Even though I think I’ve picked up where I leave off often I’ve had the dialog run in my head. I hope the meaning of my post is clear. What happened here is worse because it happened under church order and yet many christians will call for forgiveness because they are a religious institution.
                  I’m sure there are a lot of people who under their breath are blaming the cat’s owner. Indeed she was negligent in letting her pets run loose. But once again that does not give the church the right to act outside the law. Or outside of moral behavior. If solving problems with neighbors were that easy I would have simply dropped my in laws dogs and had peace and quiet instead of working for years to make them obey the law.
                  Years ago I had an extremely dense neighbor complain that his pasture was full of coyotes and dogs. Turns out he dragged a dead cow out there and left it to rot. Again I don’t believe the sand pit was the biggest issue. They are perhaps guilty of a ‘ dead cow ‘ in their yard.

  4. Truly an “un-godly” act, done without a bit of common sense or thinking. To trap a cat, then shoot it, because it used the sand pit, is not only poor judgement, but an unconscious lack of thought or compassion.

    A simple reflection of “Do Unto Others…..” might have been appropriate for a Christian. A moment of considering “What would Jesus do?” might have been a guide.

    • I like your last sentence. It seems that Christians are no more moral than the rest of us even those who work at churches.

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