Cat should not be blamed or mocked for jumping failure

This white domestic cat should not be blamed or mocked for her abject failure to make a successful jump. Her failure to hit the target landing site was not due to the cat’s poor jumping ability or a misjudgement of the distance. It was because she was on a shiny table top and her hind legs slipped as she applied force to the table top with her legs. This took all the leverage out of her effort causing her end up woefully short of her target.

Clearly domestic cats do not have the ability to access whether a surface is slippery or not. That is the conclusion we can take from the video and not that some domestic cats are hopeless failures at jumping as I am sure millions of people would like to think because it is amusing. For many this is a ‘funny cat video‘. For me it is a lesson in how domestic cats can be confused by the human environment. It would not happen in the wild unless she was on ice in which case I believe that she’d understand the nature of the surface and not try and jump from it. All domestic cats have excellent jumping skills. Even dwarf cats are decent jumpers.

Cat jump fail was not the cat's fault
Cat jump fail was not the cat’s fault
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